Cell Phone Holder Bank

Cell Phone Holder Bank

Hold Attention of Kids and Their Parents with these Custom Printed Cell Phone Holder Banks

Order wholesale custom cell phone holder banks and grab attractive discounts. Personalized cell phone holder bank is one token that appeals to grownups and kids at the same time. In short, you will hit bull's eye with this investment. Apart from great savings on bulk orders, you can expect a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, 110% price match guarantee, free artwork assistance and free e-design proof. As with other promotional giveaways for kids at Promo4kids.com, these promotional cell phone holder banks are expected to arrive on time!

Give Their Money and Phone a Comfortable Place to Sit as You Promote Your Brand over these Custom Cell Phone Holder Banks

Are you targeting a customer for a lifetime? Give them these logo cell phone holder banks. These shape and selection banks are unlike other promotional giveaways for kids because they cater to both kids and their parents. They teach kids the value of savings and allow their parents to find their cell phones in time. Doesn't that sound like a double whammy on a single investment? It doesn't matter whether you are hitting at a tradeshow or school event, you can still gift these customized cell phone holder banks and stay assured of its high chances of success. This cell phone holder bank is produced using high quality plastic material and serves longer than any other custom piggy bank designs you've ever known. Most designs of these multi-purpose holder banks bear a slot for putting money and one for managing mobile phones.

Customized cell phone holder banks make a thoughtful gift for marketers who are targeting kids and their parents at one go. This means it can be considered for distribution during all those events attended both by kids and their parents. Available in affordable prices, marketers can employ these dual purpose banks for gifts during tradeshows, trade conventions, business conferences, corporate events or during some individual celebrations. These holder banks make perfect desktop accessory, table decorative toy or brand promoter due to their purposeful design.

Custom cell phone holder banks work great for all those businesses that are attempting kid-friendly promotions. It doesn't matter whether you are a new business or established corporation, there are lots of benefits for investing in these custom cell phone holder banks since they are affordable, adorable, available in brilliant colors, durable and perfect for vast demographic. Logo printed cell phone holder banks are ideal for marketing cell phone companies, insurance agencies, financial institutions such as credit unions, banks, schools and many more. In short, you are trying to teach kids about savings and adults about getting responsible with their cell phones.

To know more about this customized cell phone holder banks or other custom shape and selection banks, feel free to contact us at 855-454-3786 or email us at info@promo4kids.com.

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