Privacy Policy values its customer sentiments and places their privacy in high priority. We are eager to protect a customer relationship in its full value by keeping their profile information very confidential. We encourage customers to fill in their private information (at the time of joining) which brings them closer to our orbit and helps us to fulfill their requirements above their expectations. understands the importance of maintaining and utilizing customer information in a responsible manner.

This Privacy Statement highlights our practices of information gathering and its utilization during and after order processing.

Collection of Personal Information encourages customers to furnish their personal information in the form of e-mail addresses, contact address and billing information at the time of sign up.

We also try to gather information about a visitor when they try to participate in some online forms, surveys or when they try to contact us with some peculiar queries and requirements.

Collection of Non-Personally Identifiable Information

Non-personally identifiable information is not related to any specific end user. It generally includes information such as URL of your website or IP address, etc.

Utilization of Personal Information

Personal information collected by may be utilized for multiple purposes such as:

  • For processing an order
  • For marketing and promotional purposes
  • For editorial and feedback purposes
  • For rectifying a product behavior or to enrich a product value
  • For adjudging current buying trends
  • For enriching website and adding conviction to brand. We encourage customers to approach us with their testimonies regarding the website or product and it is published on the website with its true part. Name, age, geographical location and designation may be exposed while publishing them on the website.
  • For improving our customer relationship management, we add the customer's details into our database and may utilize it for contacting the customer regarding some website updates, upcoming events or trade shows or new products and services.
Utilization of Non-Personal Information

We generally employ non-personal information for understanding the website behavior. It helps us to troubleshoot, analyze trends, adjudge the demographical location and law enforcement activities.

Release of Personal Information

We don't share personal information with anyone unless and until it becomes absolutely necessary to do so. We may share the information with the third party strictly under following situations:

  • Legal Processes - We may be compelled to give away personal information during some legal processes ensued by either of the parties to dissolve some differences arising during the business.
  • Merger/Acquisitions - We may divulge the details of our customers to third parties at the time of merger/acquisitions or some other occasions such as sale of assets, etc.
  • Government Requirements - We may be required to divulge the customer details during some government inquests or detailing.
  • Shipping - We may share the customers contact details with our shipping partners for the purpose of product delivery. We ensure that our shipping partners deal this information for the intended purpose and they conduct themselves highly during the business.
Data Tracking

We use cookies for tracking the customer's experience and for acknowledging their presence on our business loop. Cookies are small text files containing a unique identifier which is sent to a customer's browser from our web server and it is stored into computer's hard drive. This means that when the customer visits us the next time, these cookies will instantly recognize them and will recollect their private information.

At times, we may embed a specialized code (known as "web beacon", "1x1 clear pixels", or "clear GIF") in certain web pages to adjudge the additional statistical site usage information.

Security of Information

At, we accord high priority to secure the personal information entrusted to us. Customers can access or change their personal information by logging into their account. We request all our customers to keep their personal information confidential to avoid violation of their privacy. All personal information relating to a customer is secured in our databases and only selected people have access to it. We have incorporated SSL technology on our website which helps to encrypt the sensitive information by converting it into undecipherable language.

Customers should understand that no data transmission over internet is safe and secure and we are doing our best to accord maximum security to the customer information relied to us.

Miscellaneous Privacy Issues

We don't encourage customers under the age of 18 to trade with us. We strongly advise them to seek assistance from their parents if they wish to buy something from us. We will strictly delete account and all contact details of customers below 18 years old if it comes to notice during our routine scrutiny.

Right to Contact User reserves the right to contact user to discuss about their account status or to inform them about change in policies, introduction of new services or products, changes in subscriber policy or any other agreement that may affect our relationship with them.

Right to Change Privacy Policy reserves the right to change this privacy policy to incorporate the requirements of a changing business landscape. The notification may be posted on a website or we may personally contact customers to notify them about the changes. In both cases or otherwise, customers are requested to read the policy statement prior to using this website.

Contact Information

For clarification regarding any information mentioned in this privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at -
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Phone: 855-762-4638 (Toll Free)
Fax: 631-609-3849

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