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Promo4kids.com is governed by the following terms and conditions. Any web viewer who wishes to get associated with us (accessing, browsing or utilizing) should agree to abide by them prior to following their intentions. Accessing the website signifies your compliance with the terms and conditions mentioned in this document. Promo4kids.com reserves all lawful rights and remedies which may be used when dealing with any customer who disagrees to abide by these terms and conditions while dealing with us.

For the purpose of terms of use through this documentation, we may include some terms such as "your", "you", "user", which implies any legal user who has agreed /decided to get associated with us for further interactions.

Intellectual Property Rights

Promo4kids.com is one of the major distributors of promotional products for kids and children of all ages. To benefit commercially from innovation of new services or products, we maintain a global portfolio of intellectual property rights including trade mark, copyrights, etc. Use of any information (content, marketing concepts, images) by a third party for their own business benefits is strictly prohibited. Promo4kids.com and all IP contained in this website are protected by intellectual property laws.

We may use third-party logos, trademarks and trade names on products to express our expertise in dealing with different customer requirements. This representation does not imply any kind of association between Promo4kids.com and third party nor does it indicate that a particular product has been endorsed or purchased by the intended third party. Customized products are not meant for sale to any other party, except the authorized owners of those trademarks, logos or trade names.

Copyrightable Materials

Promo4kids.com retains copyright for some unique images and designs that are featured throughout our website. No part of representations indicated on this website should be replicated, retrieved or transmitted in any form or by any means recording, mechanical, electronic, photocopying or otherwise without seeking our permission for the same.

Customers have limited rights to alter any draft/proposal versions (online proofs) of the intended product. Even after receiving the payment, we don't permit customers to utilize our proofs in any form to market their products. All other rights are reserved by Promo4kids.com



Trademarks refer to a set of affirmed and unique representations such as logos, words, taglines, phrases and combinations that are utilized by a business entity to market their services and products. Trademarks are very important part of existence for any business concern and it is fiercely guarded within framework of United States federal and state laws and international trademark laws.

Art, Logos, Trademarks and Other Supplied Materials

Promo4kids.com uses logos, graphics, photographs, text, illustrations, trademarks and other materials, information supplied by customers ("Artwork") and our distributors to market services and products. By entrusting a printable matter to us, customers and registered distributors are granting us non-exclusive license to utilize, reproduce, adapt, modify and publish derivative works for the purpose of marketing. Our management bears zero responsibility regarding the appropriateness or proper use of the artwork supplied by customers and distributors. Our registered distributors and the customers placing orders with Promo4kids.com warrant and represent that they possess rights or authority to place order, purchase and distribute the product illustrating a particular artwork supplied by them and its use will not violate any client restrictions, third party rights and laws. We shall not bear any responsibility for determining the authority of such artwork and it purely remains concern of customers/registered distributors who supplied those for branding purposes. By submitting an artwork for use over a product, customers and registered distributors firmly agree that they shall defend, indemnify and hold Promo4kids.com harmless for breach of warranty generated by some copyright issues regarding the artwork.

Customers and registered distributors should be held harmless, indemnify, defend and absolve Promo4kids.com and its licensors and affiliates against all liabilities, claims and expenses that arise in relation to any infringement or misrepresentation of a trademark, copyright or right of publicity, of privacy or proprietary rights or defamations or legal processes or unfair competition. These terms and conditions about safeguarding of trademarks, art work and logo will stand valid even after delivery of a service or product.

Customers Account

Customers are required to create their account on Promo4kids.com for ordering products from us and they should bear responsibility of their account. The responsibility of activities performed by using a particular account id totally depends on the use. Customers should ensure that they comply with the website usage agreement highlighted in this document. We strongly prohibit anyone from transferring their details to a third party or using this account for any other purpose than ordering from our website.

Product Descriptions

Promo4kids.com tries to present accurate and reliable product descriptions on products showcased on the website. If you have any difference of the opinion with the product mentioned on the website and one you received then it is best to return it within 10 business days. Customers should send across the product intact in its original wrapping with all supporting documents.


We try to ensure accuracy and reliability to all information provided on this website, still we reserve right to revise the pricing, quantities or descriptions from time to time. We may refuse or cancel to accept any order based on earlier description or price. Typographic, descriptive or photographic errors will be taken care of to ensure maximum reliability to business messages.


Promo4kids.com is the industry leader in promotional products for kids and children of all ages but we have not tried to sell our products to any kids/children intentionally or unintentionally. Children between ages 13-18 should be assisted by parents or legal guardian if they wish to buy from us. We don't encourage children to visit our website or order from us. All fake profiles created by kids will be taken down once we come to know of it.

Sold Only in the United States of America

All promotional products at Promo4kids.com are provided for serving in United States of America only.

Cancellation Policy

Modification of Website

Promos4kids.com reserves the exclusive right to update, modify, change, improvise, add or remove any portions from the website and the policies of use from time to time owing to changing requirements. This is not applicable to hours of availability, content and system requirements or other crucial elements governing our business.

A customer's continued use of Promo4kids.com following change in terms and conditions will make up for their acknowledgement of such changes. If customers find any portion of this representation out of their acceptance limits, they can reach out to us at contact addresses (specified at the end of this agreement).


If customers find any portion of this terms and conditions inappropriate or if it is deemed invalid or void for any reason unenforceable then we may severe it but it shall not affect enforceability and validity of other areas. If any portion of this website is deemed invalid by court of competent jurisdiction then such portion will be treated with maximum effect permissible under the established law and rest of terms and conditions will be treated as valid and remains fully enforceable as per the established terms. The unenforceable portion or invalid portion will be removed and substituted with an enforceable and valid portion that closely matches our ideals or intentions.


Notice of improvising or termination of any portion of this terms and conditions document will be posted on Promo4kids.com website and customers should visit it frequently to understand them.

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