Kids Personalized Pens

Kids Personalized Pens

Write Your Way to Their Consciousness with these Kids Personalized Pens

How would you feel when you know that your promotional opportunity is just a click, twist or cap away? Kids personalized pens are an all-around favorite to spread a word about your business or raise awareness about the cause you support. Customized pens are versatile advertising gifts and they are the most efficient, effective and inexpensive promotional giveaways for kids. Why should you shop promotional pens at for your next event? We have a thoughtful selection of logo promotional pens to choose from in different designs, price range and colors. In addition to this broad selection, we offer guaranteed low prices, customer satisfaction guarantee and on-time shipment.

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Personalized Syringe Pen - Red
as low as $0.49
Order As Low As: 150 Pcs
Model : PK231138
Customized Syringe Pen - Blue
as low as $0.49
Order As Low As: 150 Pcs
Model : PK231140
Promotional Emissary Plastic Click Pens
as low as $0.49
Order As Low As: 500 Pcs
Model : PK66173
Customized Bone Pen
as low as $0.56
Order As Low As: 150 Pcs
Model : PK231141
Customized Wooden Bat Pen
as low as $0.76
Order As Low As: 150 Pcs
Model : PK231136
Personalized 10 Color Pen
as low as $1.42
Order As Low As: 150 Pcs
Model : PK231154

Spread Your Brand Message Far and Wide with these Custom Printed Kids Pens

Custom printed pens are one of the best selling promotional gifts and they are perfect to give to a kid or a student. Have you ever thought what is so special about them? Think about all promotional pens that you have received from childhood to this date. Why did you accept them? Perhaps you knew that those pens are purposeful and come handy whenever required. Similarly, kids will accept them from you because they find them purposeful. For any business, for any awareness program or any organization, the value of these custom printed pens is priceless. Kids logo pens are useful promotional giveaways for kids that will popularize your name and bring you a steady stream of loyal visitors.

Do you know that kids are serious brand promoters? Yes, we mean it. If you travel back to all those childhood years, you can still remember the names of people or organizations who gave you pens as an acknowledgment or token of appreciation. This means you still stand a high chance to click it with kids by giving them high-quality pens which they can use in school or at home. We are proud to offer one of the thoughtful and best selections of promotional pens for kids. You will find ballpoint pens, roller ball pens, pens made from recycled materials and more. Order them before your next promotional outing. We are sure that these custom printed pens will bring your brand logo to the forefront.

Promotional kids pens are cost-effective and affordable for small businesses who cannot afford to invest in multimillion-dollar campaigns. At, we sell pens in bulk and marketers can order them at the least prices. Even if you are giving these pens to kids, they are likely to be used by 7 different people during its lifetime. Kids may borrow their pens to their parents, friends or others for different reasons. Many people borrow pens but never return them, others may steal them or rather walk away with them. This means it is easy to calculate that every 1000 pens you gift will have 7000 different users and this means lots of brand exposure. For added benefits, you can team these popular customized pens for kids with other accessories such as pen pouches and promotional stationery set.

Call us today at 855-454-3786 to understand promotional potential of these popular promotional pens for kids. If time permits, you can mail us your requirements and request to know about price benefits, best imprint techniques and more.

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