Personalized Bubble Necklace

Personalized Bubble Necklace

Blow Away the Competition with these Personalized Bubble Necklaces

Do you want your customers and their kids to burst with pleasure every time they remember your brand? It is only possible if you order these custom bubble necklaces from us and give them during the next available opportunity. These bubble baubles are perfect to gift during trade expos, parades or outside your storefront. Available with a smiley face and round plain color designs, you can easily select the one for your brand. Each bauble features a breakaway lanyard that can be easily worn around the neck. Your brand logo will travel miles over these bubble necklaces because kids carry them around their necks whenever they go out with their friends.

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Personalized Smile Face Bubble Necklace
as low as $1.04
Order As Low As: 150 Pcs
Model : PK231210
Personalized Round Bubble Necklace - Blue
as low as $1.08
Order As Low As: 150 Pcs
Model : PK231211

Custom Printed Bubble Necklaces will add Bubbles of Fun to any Joyous Occasion

What is the reason for celebration? Is it a party, wedding, birthday or summer promotional event? Whatever be the reason, you can order these custom printed bubble necklaces from You can easily capture the attention of young guests and their parents by giving away these bubble baubles. Shimmering bubbles bring smiles on the faces of kids and help them to enjoy by themselves. The glistening bubbles that are floating in the air will put smiles on their faces and their parents will think good of you because it has entertained their kids. Perhaps you don't want to fall in the bad books of your potential customers, isn't it?

Apart from becoming trade show giveaways, summer promotional gifts and party favors, these baubles are becoming a very integral part of wedding celebrations, too. Today, many venues don't allow guests to throw rice at the newly married couples. Instead, they are asking guests to blow bubbles to welcome new couples. This means you can order these personalized bubble necklaces for wedding favors. Your young guests and their parents will remember your relationship with them for special reasons.

You will agree that kids are the soul of any party. For this reason, you always want to invest in vibrant and entertaining giveaways for kids such as logo printed bubble necklaces. You can double their excitement by teaming these toys with other bubble bottles, balloons, water guns or other exciting fun, games and music items offered at You can feel confident about the ability of these promotional products to build the interests of young customers and their parents in your brand.

When it comes to promotional giveaways for parties, will keep you covered with tons of different choices such as balloons to noisemakers as well as musical items. There is something for kids and children of all ages, depending on who will be coming to your event you can easily select items that will work the best. When it comes to selecting party favors, you have to consider entertainment and all our products will breathe a fresh lease of life into the party.

Call us at 855-454-3786 or email us at to know more about order process, your selection for the next event, best imprint options, best price benefits and other effective promotional giveaways for kids.

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