2 Pack Crayons

2 Pack Crayons

Color Your Promotions with these Neat and Non-Toxic Custom 2 Pack Crayons

As children, we loved that wonderful feeling of wax crayons producing riot of colors against the white paper. At Promo4Kids.com, we offer custom 2 pack crayons that will bring same amusing feeling on faces of young kids. These crayons are non-toxic and perfect for creative minds at home and school. If you are searching for a promotional product that offers distinction to your brand logo then these affordable 2-pack crayons are the item for you. Our prices will keep you covered for online design proof and artwork assistance. Avail fast shipping anywhere within the contiguous USA.

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Custom 2 Pack Cello Wrapped Crayons
as low as $0.07
Order As Low As: 25000 Pcs
Model : PK231291
Custom 2 Pack Crayons Box
as low as $0.09
Order As Low As: 25000 Pcs
Model : PK231290
Customized 2 Pack Crayons
as low as $0.17
Order As Low As: 300 Pcs
Model : PK231060
2 Pack Cello Wrapped Crayons
as low as $64.45
Order As Low As: 1 Pcs
Model : PK231053

Make Your Brand Logo Dearer to Kids with Non-Toxic and Colorful Promotional 2 Pack Crayons

Promoting your company or educational awareness program in a kid-friendly setting or at school is becoming easier than ever before with customized 2 pack crayons. These crayons are easy and affordable giveaways to promote your business or cause to young audience. According to the Kids Marketing Council, annually kids contribute to $200 billion sales in the US alone. From what brand of toys or chocolates to buy, what game to buy, what movie to rent and what restaurant to eat from. You can benefit from this trend by greeting your young customers with 2 pack crayons at Promo4kids.com.

If you are giving out crayons to young kids, please think about their safety. Indeed, you can get closer to kids and their parents after handing logo printed 2 pack crayons but that doesn't mean an end to your promotional responsibilities. When dealing with kids, you have to take care of their health. This why we only stock non-toxic crayons which will help kids to hone their creative side without putting their parents patience to test. Parents can stay relaxed about health issues that usually crop up when kids accidently lick waxy crayons.

Personalized 2 pack crayons can be used from play schools to tradeshows to restaurants (paired with best seller food items or colored menus). There are various other places where you can hand out these custom printed crayons. For example at company picnics, garden parties, barbecue parties where kids will indulge with their creative pursuits. Logo printed crayons are perfect for promoting libraries, art and craft supply stores , restaurants, pizzerias, art camps, summer events and more. Colorful crayon boxes make an ideal gift for teachers, librarians and caregivers, too.

Call us today at 855-454-3786 to receive your logo printed crayons for the next promotional event. We will answer your questions and lead you through online ordering process with ease. Before you can realize, your custom printed 2 pack crayons will be at your doorstep and ready to help you to make bridges with your young customers.

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