Personalized Triangle Crayons

Personalized Triangle Crayons

Stop Your Brand Name from Rolling Off Their Tables by Giving these Custom Triangle Crayons

Custom triangular shaped crayons are perfect to acknowledge your young customers during the next promotional outing. Large, strong and triangular shaped crayons offer great grip and helps kid to hone their creative skills. The triangular shape stops crayons from rolling when placed on the table and kids can enjoy their long time benefits. At, we offer attractive price benefits on wholesale orders of these customized crayons. Our prices will keep you covered for e-design proof, artwork assistance and efforts to reach out to the large clientele. We offer fastest production time in the industry. You can enjoy benefits of fast shipping anywhere within the contiguous USA.

Personalized Triangular Crayons Offer Better Grip and Writing Control over Regular Crayons

Every parent knows the influence their kids have over them. They also understand that kids have power to drive them crazy at times. However, they understand that dealing with kids is not always a pleasant experience especially during the holidays or weekends. By offering kids our high quality, toxic-free crayons and coloring books, you can ensure that they remain occupied and your clients (their parents) remain relaxed and happy. Restaurants can gift promotional triangle crayons to their young customers while waiting for their meals to arrive. Their parents can relax and enjoy their time without bothering about their kids getting bored. When everyone is happy they will come back again. The same success can be repeated for other businesses, too. When kids are happy, parents are happy as well.

Despite all good efforts, most parents feel that their kids are messy when it comes to managing themselves in crowded places or when they are alone at home. These personalized triangular crayons will help your child stay on their tables for long and we guarantee that they will never roll off them!

We think these "no roll off" feature makes these triangular crayons a perfect promotional item with huge savings. Triangular crayons offer great grip to kids and teachers can use them to teach the proper way of gripping a writing instrument. These logo crayons are designed to teach kids how to use three fingers properly to support a crayon. We are sure that it will guide kids along the path of creativity and penmanship.

Crafted to perform and last than regular crayons, kids won't get frustrated with them or throw them in the dustbin. Go and ask them and they will say how cool these crayons look and how creative they feel while working with it. Call us at 855-454-3786 or write to us at to know how to maximize promotional opportunities with these custom triangular crayons or other promotional giveaways for kids. It doesn't matter whether you plan to gift them as individual acknowledgement tokens or as compliment gifts, your brand logo is going to receive a new identity.

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