Personalized Swirl Crayons

Personalized Swirl Crayons

Custom Swirl Crayons Offer Multi Dimensional Color Benefits at One Price!

Custom swirl crayons are crayons with multi dimensional coloring attitudes. All these years, you have invested in promotional crayons in 2-color packs, 3-color packs, 4-color packs and 6-color packs. However, they have individual colors that makes a kid understand that red is red, black is black and blue is blue. Swirl crayons portray a mixture of several colors and they peak joys of coloring in a kid. Logo printed swirl crayons make great holiday gifts when kids love to keep themselves busy with coloring, writing, dancing and other outdoor activities. Our prices are the lowest in the industry and you can save on artwork design as well as online design proof. No payment is required until the approval of artwork. We offer fastest turnaround time in the industry with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Raise Interests in Your Campaign with Custom Swirl Crayons

Customized swirl crayons are choice for businesses that wish to acknowledge kids in a special way. Coloring will always be the favorite pastimes of kids. Many parents agree that they feel relaxed on seeing their kids indulging in creative activities such as coloring with crayons. You can offer same relaxation and feeling of comfort to your clients (who are also responsible parents, too!) by giving them custom printed swirl crayons.

Swirl crayons as the name suggest refers to the crayon produced with two colors or more. This will help kids enjoy their coloring and hone their inner creative skills. Custom printed swirl colors make perfect promotional gifts during business conventions, tradeshows, school events or other individual celebrations. Most parents will appreciate your generosity to keep their kids amused and occupied.

Promotional crayons offer large generous imprint space for your brand logo. You can easily capture various promotional possibilities that these crayon packs offer. For maximizing your brand exposure, you can include these swirl crayons in goodie bags or offer them as a compliment to a kid who achieves something. You can complete painting your promotions in bold and vibrant colors by pairing these custom printed swirl crayons with coloring books, erasers or colorful chalks offered on

It doesn't matter whether your business is new or established. All your recipients will love the creative edge that these multicolored crayons offer. Kid's safety is the priority that distinguishes our crayons from others. You can remain assured that you are receiving CPSIA compliant and non-toxic crayons from

To know more about promotional exposure and promotional benefits of these customized swirl crayons, feel free to get in touch with our product experts at 855-454-3786 or email them at They will clear all your doubts regarding performance, safety and prices of these promotional crayons. Avail attractive price benefits on wholesale orders of these customized crayons and other promotional giveaways for kids.

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