Personalized Washable Crayons

Personalized Washable Crayons

Personalized Washable Crayons will Help to Build Smoother Parent and Child Relationships

Custom washable crayons will allow kids to express themselves over all surfaces with a confidence that their parents can wash their creativity. These washable crayons can be washed off most surfaces with slight efforts. Promotional washable crayons are perfect to acknowledge toddlers and kids who are habitual of drawing or sketching over walls, bed sheets and other surfaces within the home. Available at guaranteed lower prices, you can save on bulk ordering from us. Avail benefits of fast production time and fast shipping anywhere within the contiguous USA. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. only sells made in USA, non-toxic and CPSIA compliant crayons.

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Customized 4 Pack Washable Crayons
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Custom Washable Crayons will Help Parents to Deal with Fast Growing Kids Easily

Growing kids are difficult to handle and no one understands it better than a devoted parent. Although they may get emotional on seeing their little ones taking baby steps, laughing, smiling or eating with their hands, they will get equally worried about keeping their kids busy. Most parents complain about kids sketching and spoiling their expensive interiors. You can save them from this dilemma of painting and cleaning their walls by giving these logo printed washable crayons. Parents will be happy that they don't have to stop their kids from sketching because these crayons are washable.

Promotional washable crayons are made for soft little hands and they are free from egg, chemicals, soya or other allergens. You can remain assured that your kids will enjoy scribbling and doodling with them. Available in 4 pack crayons and other affordable packages, you can remain assured these crayons will remain within your budget.

Custom printed washable crayons are perfect to promote day care centers, art and craft supply stores, summer camps, school events and tradeshows. They work as a complete individual gift or you can compliment them with coloring books, highlighters or other writing instruments on Crayons are always popular with kids because they allow them to behave and keep them occupied for a long time. So, these washable crayons will allow kids to remain carefree and draw whatever they feel like.

If you are unable to make up your mind about ordering these customized washable crayons for your next campaign, we will offer you enough reasons to believe why this is going to be the most intelligent investment in your life. Call us at our toll free number at 855-454-3786 to know more. If time permits, you can write to us in detail about your doubts regarding promotional possibilities, performance and durability of these washable crayons. It is never late to start with these crayons because kids are not going to grow bored of them. Avail attractive price benefits by ordering these promotional giveaways for kids today!

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