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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Leave a Lasting Impression in the Minds of Your Recipients with Mini Highlighter

Custom Imprinted GelWax Crayon Highlighters

Kids love colors and drawing and the best way to keep them engaged during the church service or at a restaurant will be to hand out these logo mini highlighters. Custom products have a charm of their own for being limited edition gift items that will grab a few eyeballs from everyone and often live […]

Custom Playing Cards – Get Your Audience into A Light Hearted Dialogue With Your Brand

Custom Printed Standard Playing Cards

Make your brand promotion all fun and laughter with these logo playing cards that will tug the hearts of kids and adults alike. When the frosty winter conditions keep the kids indoors for days together, these playing cards will come to the aid of their parents to keep them engaged. Kids have very short attention […]

Custom Jump Rope Will Keep both Your Recipients and Brand in Top Health

Customized Jump Rope Red

Jump rope is a timeless fun toy that has been around for many years. Children of all ages especially girls will love these colorful and trendy jump ropes that will ensure a quick sweat bulleting work out even indoors. Light weight and handy, jump ropes fit into even the kids bags and they will surely […]

Ensure Healthy Saving Habits For Your Recipients With These Custom Apple Banks

Customized Apple Bank

Apple shaped custom banks are not just a visual delight but an inspiring gift for kids that inculcate saving habits from an early stage. The unique shape of these coins banks will bring back memories of picking apples from orchards or the flavorsome apple delights for Christmas. Kids will love to keep these red and […]

Custom T Shirt Banks Will Inspire Kids To Save In Style

Customized Blue TShirt Bank

Kids love T shirts for their colors, imprints and figurines and above all trendy designs that will never go out of fashion! So, can there be a better way to get the kids take to savings than these cute T shirt shaped logo banks? These easy-to-use coin banks offered in a range of attractive colors […]

These Custom Pencil Sharpeners Will Keep Your Brand Well Displayed

Customized Square Pencil Sharpeners

If you thought pencils have lost their significance in this era of e-lessons, you will be in for a surprise. Kids use pencils not just for their SAT exams but also for making notes, drawing and writing. Custom pencils may rank high in popularity among promotional gifts but the fact that these can only be […]

Champion Yo Yo – The Classic and Fun Gift Idea to Give Your Message A Spin

Customized Translucent Champion YoYo Assorted Colors

Everyone loves yo-yos as kids. Adults too will never pass up an opportunity to flaunt their Yo Yo game skills. It is amazing that these old fashioned and simple toys of Yo Yo could bring such pure joy and pull off a few neat tricks. Let your recipients’ fine hone their string pulling tactics literally […]

Custom Star Banks Will Make Your Goodwill Grow As Much as Their Savings

Customized Star Bank Yellow

Christmas is almost here and everyone especially kids are busy decking up their Christmas trees, cribs and gift stockings. Star shaped decorations undeniably makes the most popular Christmas ornament during the season as it stands for the Star of Bethlehem that revealed the birth of Jesus and led the Biblical Magi to Bethlehem. So, if […]

Build Up Your Brand and Their Leisure time Fun All At Once with Custom Building Block Crayons

Customized 4 Pack Building Block Crayons

Building block crayons are perfect for the little hands and best of all these custom gift items for kids bring together two of the most popular activities for kids – coloring and making shapes! Imprint your logo and message and see how these quirky promotional gifts will build your brand step by step! These stackable […]

Custom Plastic Rulers Will Make Your Brand Promotions Accurate

Promotional Letter Opener Mini Rulers with 3 Colors

Rulers are something everyone uses- especially school going kids. Don’t we all search for a ruler to make a straight line even today? Highly practical and essential items in any school instrument box, rulers make excellent promotional items to get your message out in a subtle manner. Imprint your logo and message on the generous […]