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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Custom Coloring Books- The Best Kids Promotional Items Even In Digital Age

Custom Printed Big Creative Art Books - Kids Coloring & Sketch

If you thought coloring books and water colors are obsolete and exist only in tales of yester years, you could be in for a surprise. In this robotic age of mobile phones and online games, many analog world items could be making a slow retreat but not coloring books. Children’s coloring books have a crucial […]

Custom Toys- There Can’t Be A Better Way To Please Kids

Custom Printed Pick Up Sticks In Wood Box

Let’s be frank about it!  Kids love to talk about the free gifts that they get with their friends and teachers and your brand will get talked about in an extended audience. Though there are no hard and fast rules in choosing kids promotional items, make sure to settle for age appropriate custom gifts that […]

Smart Tips To Choose Age Appropriate Kids Promotions Items

Personalized Lil Billie - Small Piggy Banks

Marketers that wish to promote kids  brands will have to literally step out into the shoes of their little patrons to find what they like and what they don’t! Kids brands is a highly growing multi-million dollar business niche. To cut through the clutter and to grab the attention of their audience, marketers need to […]

Promotional Yo Yos – Make Your Kids Product Promotions A Fun Game Literally!

Custom Imprinted Spaghetti Colorful Yo Yo

Bring in some fun and hilarity to your kids product promotions by making custom yo yos your marketing tools, The oldest know toy known to mankind, Yo Yos date back to the age of Pharaohs of Egypt and have evolved to be one of the most popular games not just for kids but kids at […]