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 Promotional Items that Kids Love

Kids are hard to please customers! They have their own whims and fancies and often have fanciful ideas about their stuff. For marketers, kids make a prospective group of customers because at least a quarter of your customers and clients may have children. Thus kids’ promotional items are perfect options to reach out to a family audience and get your brand a toe hold in countless homes and hearts!

Parents will take note of brands that handout freebies, which make their kids happy and smiling. Every time kids play with these, your brand will get a lot of attention. Did you know that kids go a long way in making your brand popular as they love to show off these limited edition branded items among their friends, teachers and family.

Let’s be frank about it! Kids’ products have a huge market though most people may overlook this fact. Happy kids make happy families and happy audience groups.

Here are some of the kids’ promotional products that will make both the kids and kids at heart impressed!

Delightful Ducks with Shirt: Who doesn’t love rubber duckies? Be it Ernie from Sesame Street  or the classic Donald Duck created in 1934 at Walt Disney Productions, we all have grown up with these silly toys. Whether you have these as bath toys, bed time companions, picnic toys or beach fun items, these toys will bring smiles to every face in no time.

Promotional Delightful Ducks with Shirt

Personalized Piggy Bank: A penny saved is penny earned. In this economy, it is important for everyone to save for the rainy days. Piggy bank is a fun way to teach the kids the importance of saving habits right from their child hood. They will love the idea of saving up for ice cream or a new toy. Your brand imprinted on these will become a household name easily.

Desktop Piggy Banks

Bubble Necklace: Kids love bubbles; most adults too! Making and popping bubbles and chasing it like crazy will all make part of growing up for any kid. If your promotion involves kids, bubbles will make a delightful handout. Kids will love to carry these around and have some serious bubble fun wherever they go. The logo printed on these fun items will spread giggles along with your message wherever your recipients go!

Smile Face Bubble Necklace

These are a few of my favorite fun toys for kids. Browse our complete line of CPSA compliant items that are safe for kids and add a fun twist to your promotions

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