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Make Your Brand Promotions Colorful With Custom Crayons

Assorted Bulk Crayons

Businesses that are in kids products or services often find the task of choosing promotional items that please their little patrons an uphill task.  Children are hard to please customers as they lose interest in gifts items faster than adults and to keep them engaged may require something that is a cut above the mundane. […]

Logo Crayons Make Great Christmas Party Favors For Kids

Custom 2 Pack Crayons Box

If you are looking for a Christmas party favor that will never fail to grab the attention of the boisterous kids in your list, look no further than custom crayons. Kids’ brands and businesses will find crayons a budget friendly gift to add a speck of color to their festive promotions and to get their […]

Which Among These Custom Crayons Can Make You Win?

Customized 4 Pack Washable Crayons

You know how cool crayons are in making kids promotions effective. We are presenting information about crayons which will make your events powerful when using them for promotions. It is true that when processing an event in which you want to giveaway these promo gifts, it will be tough to apply any comprehensive techniques. Handy […]

Color Your Logo And The Kiddy World With These Swirl Crayons

Customized 2 Pack Swirl Crayons

Kids will love these custom swirl crayons for their fun and fluid shape and the color combinations that these offer. Your tiny patrons will love to use a blue-and-white blend for drawing the sky or a red and orange to draw a garden or sunset. Unveil the creativity of the kids by handing out these […]

Custom Triangle Crayons Will Highlight Your Brand In Brilliance

Customized 4 Pack Triangle Crayons

Crayons are all time favorites of kids to color, to scribble and to have fun! So, what if they get crayons in interesting and quirky shapes like triangle instead of the customary pencil shape? Their fascination will go up manifold. Triangle crayons don’t roll off tables and kids will love to have these smartly shaped […]

Build Up Your Brand and Their Leisure time Fun All At Once with Custom Building Block Crayons

Customized 4 Pack Building Block Crayons

Building block crayons are perfect for the little hands and best of all these custom gift items for kids bring together two of the most popular activities for kids – coloring and making shapes! Imprint your logo and message and see how these quirky promotional gifts will build your brand step by step! These stackable […]

Promote Your Brand Through Colors With Custom Crayons

Customized 4 Pack Building Block Crayons

Color in, out and around the lines with these custom crayons that will instantly bring a big smile on to the faces of your junior patrons. These non toxic and easy to grip crayons are perfect for all those little creative minds at home or school. You can even dude these with coloring books to […]

Add Color And Fun To Your Brand Promotions With Custom Crayons

Custom 2 Pack Cello Wrapped Crayons

Crayons are the middle names of colors and fun. Everyone loves to give shape to their random thoughts and ideas with these colorful sticks and when it comes to kids, they can spend hours on end in the company of crayons and the fun art that it offers. Custom crayons make perfect handouts to promote […]

Why are Crayons Good for Every Kid?

For most kids-crayons serve as first stepping stone during our first tryst with colors. Most kids get excited on handing out a box of crayons and they spend some time in deciding, which color to use first. No matter where they might use them, coloring with crayons is one important thing in life of a […]

What are the Best Crayons for Pre-schoolers and Kids?

Many studies suggest that artistic inclinations develop in kids at an early age, when they start coloring. Given a box of crayons, they are tempted to pick the color, which appeals them, the most. It further fuels their urges to scribble or express their feelings without any intervention. In this whole artistic soiree parents are […]