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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Custom Bubbles – Make Your Events Loads Of Fun

Custom Imprinted 4 Oz Patriotic Bubbles

Who doesn’t like bubbles as fun time toys? Not just kids but kids at heart will also love to blow out bubbles and pop them as they fly freely in the air. Bubbles have a nostalgic charm as we all have grown up with these simple toys. It will make a perfect party favor during […]

A few Personalized Kids Toys With Light, Sound And Action- Nothing but the best

Promotional Logo Vinyl Emoticon Kickbags

Let’s be frank about it! Kids are hard to please customers for sure. The short attention span and the hyper activity levels in kids will make it all the more challenging to find toys that will impress them and keep them engaged for a fairly long time. Marketers looking for Kids promotional items that seldom […]

Custom Kids Toys – Fun Games That Make Great Promotional Items

Promotional Mini Basketball & Hoop Sets

Toys play an important role in shaping the character and personality of kids. Children spend a lot of time to play, discover and learn with toys, making them immensely popular. For brands trying to find kids promotional items that never fail, custom toys will make a great choice. It will make a great handout to […]

4 Earth Day Awareness Custom Gifts For Kids

Personalized Recycled Memo Pad with Pen - Blue

Environmental awareness campaigns on social causes should ideally start for kids at school level to make them environmentally committed individuals from a very early age. Schools, non profits or even kids’ friendly brands can spread environmental awareness among kids through appropriate custom gifts for kids, contests and fun events. Here are some ecofriendly custom gifts […]

6 Best Custom Sunglasses For Kids During Spring Events

Promotional Kids Assorted Malibu Sunglasses

Kids sunglasses are crucial in keeping the eyes of the little ones safe from UV risks. Studies show that 80 per cent of UV exposure of one’s lifetime happens before 18, and UV resistant sunglasses can keep the kids safe even when they indulge in outdoor activities. Though most parents do not forget to put […]