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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Round Off The Party Day Fun With Custom Balloons

Promotional 9

Hurray! Holiday season is right here. With Christmas and New Year festivities just a few weeks away, the holiday mood is slowly sinking in. Kids love holidays than grown-ups as it offers a great time for them to cut loose and have fun in the company of their friends and family and make merry. For […]

Personalized Kids Promotional Gifts For The Christmas Season

Custom Logo Imprinted Santa Hats

Finding the best toys for kids is an effective way to pump the Christmas sales for any kids’ stores. So, check out these cool new toys and kids gifts that are quirky, good and fun. We bet, it is not the kids alone but kids at heart will also find these holiday season gifts really […]

Custom Christmas Ornaments- The Best Kids Promotional Items For Holiday Season Sales

Custom Printed Ad-Ornament with Imprint

The holiday season has thrown open the flood gates for marketers to indulge in a spate of fiery campaigns to cash in on the spending frenzy. Kids’ brands will have a special reason to make their holiday promotions extra special considering the fact that kids’ bring families to stores and enhance the footfalls and leads. […]

How Custom Puzzles Make A Perfect Promotional Gift For Kids Brand

Customized Puzzle Ball - Red

Everyone loves freebies and the immense popularity of custom gifts has made it an important marketing swag among business owners worldwide. So, if you are looking for a perfect kids promotional gift, look no further than custom puzzles. Kids have a very low attention span and get distracted easily. Not all gift items can grab […]

Ring In The Holiday Cheer With Custom Kazoos

Custom Kazoo Assortment

Noisemakers like custom kazoos will make a great way to proclaim the festive season, to announce the holiday deals for marketers and to impress the target audience comprising of kids. Custom horns make excellent team spirit items, cheering items for the game day, pep rally handouts and a lot more. However, it is interesting to […]

Custom Coils The Fun Kids Promotional Items To Jump Start Your Marketing Campaign

2.25 Inch Logo Imprinted Spring Coils

Coils commonly called slinky are not just promotional toys for fun loving kids but are equally popular as stress busters too. Offered in a range of brilliant colors and psychedelic patterns, these spring coils can jump back to their original position the moment you leave it. Customize these fun toys with your brand and message […]

Jump Ropes – Loads Of Fun Not Just For Kids!

84 Inch Custom Logo Imprinted Jump Ropes

Jump rope is best remembered as a childhood playground game. Kids love to enter into a friendly contest with their friends and clock the best times. Be it in schools, fitness centers or parks and picnics, jump ropes that are tailored to ensure instant fun and work out will make a great kids promotional item. […]

Santa Themed Gifts For Kids – The Best Way To Make Your Holiday Promotions Delightful

Custom Printed Flying Ho Ho Ho-ing Santa

Come Christmas, every kid will wait in the windows aisle for the secret Santa gifts as parents shop for the most amazing gifts that fall in their budget to keep the kids motivated to be good and well mannered. Marketers trying to promote kids brands and events can consider Santa themed gifts because kids can […]

Custom Party Noisemakers – The Best Handouts For Fun Loving Kids

Custom Neon Hand Clappers

Kids are flipping loud and wild. They simply love to be noisy and crazy , turning their abodes on its head. But then kids are kids afterall. They love to scream at their top notch, cry, sing and toot. This is precisely the reason that makes noisemakers a perfect party favor and a promotional item […]

Custom Imprinted Toys – Add The Much Needed Fun Element Into Your Promotions

Custom Imprinted Boomerang Toys

As they say, all work and no play will make Jack a dull boy! So, make sure to keep your otherwise bland marketing events loads of fun by throwing in fun handouts into the mix that will impress your audience big time. Studies show that games and toy items will make the brain relaxed and […]