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Jump Ropes – Loads Of Fun Not Just For Kids!

Jump rope is best remembered as a childhood playground game. Kids love to enter into a friendly contest with their friends and clock the best times. Be it in schools, fitness centers or parks and picnics, jump ropes that are tailored to ensure instant fun and work out will make a great kids promotional item. At a time when childhood obesity has become a cause of concern in America, jump topes will make a perfect promotional gift for businesses. Reports show that the percentage of kids with obesity in the United States has more than tripled since the 1970s with one in five kids in the ages 6–19 being obese.

Custom jump ropes will not just build up your brand but will highlight your social commitment. The best part is that jump ropes are something that both kids and adults enjoy. Customize it with your brand and message and use it to promote your fitness drinks, kids fashion brands, sports leagues and more. These low cost items will win hands down as fund raising items for non-profit organizations as well. Light weight and easy to distribute and store, these logo items will make great handouts during health awareness events and tradeshows.

Let’s be frank about it! A jump rope workout is ideal for the whole family and not just kids. Enjoy the pulse and pace of the sweat bulleting activity of skipping that will make your heart race high and detoxify the body. Jump ropes are tons of fun and laughter as any misstep will be greeted by hoots from the naughty audience.

Jump ropes can make a great way to add a variety to your normal fitness schedule and to bring in more spice to it. Jump ropes ensure a full body workout where every muscle of your body gets used. No matter whether jump ropes are used as a warm up or a fun way to burn calories, kids will love the fun that this nostalgic toy brings to them.

Here are some custom jump ropes that can be made part of your marketing swag.

84 Inch Custom Logo Imprinted Jump Ropes: These woven cloth jump ropes equipped with white plastic handles are available in three rope color options. Choose a color that matches your theme, personalize it with your brand and message and you are all set to jump start your brand promotion in a subtle yet effective way. Jump ropes have a long shelf life and your brand will make consistent impressions for a very long time.

84 Inch Custom Logo Imprinted Jump Ropes

Customized Jump Rope: Jump ahead of the competition with these brilliantly colored jump ropes. Choose from jump ropes that are customized or plain to cater to your specific needs. These CPSIA approved children’s toys are safe for kids and every time they use it in beaches or parks, these logo items will give your brand a spectacular display.

Customized Jump Rope - Blue

Multicolored jump ropes: Offered in various color choices like multicolor, Green, Yellow, Red and blue, these attractive CPSIA compliant jump ropes will tug the hearts of your little patrons easily. It will make a perfect choice for all trade shows and fund raisers.

Custom Imprinted Jump Ropes

Budget Jump Ropes: These vibrantly colored jump ropes are well suited as handouts for tradeshows, outdoor events, and fundraisers. These kids promotional products will stir up a lot of interest for your message.

Custom Imprinted Budget Jump Ropes

Fun Skipper Jump Ropes: These colorful jump ropes feature funny face on its light weight handles, making it all the more appealing for the little ones. The rope measures 8 feet and kids won’t be hurt even if they fall down in the middle of jump.

Custom Printed Fun Skipper Jump Ropes - 4 Colors

Woven Nylon Jump Ropes: Featuring 6” Wood Handles, these attractive jump ropes will make skipping more interesting.

Promotional Logo Woven Nylon Jump Ropes

Which of these custom jump ropes are you planning to use in your promotions? Share your thoughts at the comments section.

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