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Monthly Archives: May 2014

How do Promotional Products for Kids & Children Fulfill Marketers Expectations?

Many live with impression that promotional products for kids and children are extremely cheaper and they don’t match any expectations that you generally set with other promotional gifts. However, it is not true and the other way around. Let’s first list out expectations that a marketer pins to a customized promotional product that he intends […]

What are the most ordered Promotional Products for Kids in 2014?

Going by trends and observing some of the best promotional products for kids sold on different online stores selling promotional products for kids during first quarter of 2014, following list was built up. So, presenting before you, here are some of the best sellers – Piggy Banks: Parents always want their kids to gain inspiration […]

What are Popular Occasional Promotional Products for Kids?

You may hear people saying that most promotional products for kids are suited for gifting on all occasions. In a way they are right, but there are some things, which work the best on certain occasions than others.  Here we’ve tried to list the occasions, when relevance of certain promotional gifts becomes highlighted. Homely Celebrations: […]

What are the most Popular Promotional Products for Kids & Children under a Dollar?

In this season, if you have made up mind to galore those smiles, adoration, thank you – generally lavished on being serenaded with amusing gifts, start investing in promotional products for kids & children. Along with meeting above mentioned expectations, they offer great savings, too. It never matters, whether you are working in a big […]

What Do Parents Expect From Kids Promotional Products Gifted to Them?

First of all most parents whom you encounter or wish to encounter as a customer, would be taken aback on being handed promotional products for kids or to say toys. This may sound little awkward for marketers who have are habitual of bombarding customers with nonsense freebies. However, most parents would love to retain those […]

Why are Cheaper Promotional Products for Kids Popular with Marketers?

There is a general belief that promotional products for kids are cheaper and that they don’t match up to standards of costly promotional gifts generally used for value building. However, in real they are extremely popular with marketers targeting adults through kids. Here are certain reasons that compound in their favor. Emotional Impact: Toys have […]

Why Should Online Retailers Gift Away Promotional Products for Kids?

Being an online retailer, you were always concerned about attracting customers to your business. You have done all that you could to build your repute and coax more and more customers to buy it from you. Perhaps your efforts may or may not have paid off, but still it is important to connect with them […]

Why Should You Consider Brand Building with Promotional Giveaways for Kids?

“Childish toy for my promotions?” is the first thought that may cross your mind, if you hear someone saying that you should take brand building seriously with promotional giveaways for kids.  A person recommending this to you may sound like a “nut” and you may brush up this proposal with “nah not for me answer”. […]