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Monthly Archives: October 2017

What Makes Custom Coloring Books Ideal Kids Promotional Items

Custom Coloring Books - Barkley Teaches Bicycle Safety

Kids love to dabble with colors and crayons and often spend hours together filling colors into the funny images and carton figurines in the coloring books. Business owners find custom coloring books one of the time tested kids’ promotional items. Offered in a range of interesting themes, coloring books also convey important social messages to […]

Custom Bags Make Value Added Promotional Gifts For Kids

Promotional Logo Rally Clear Drawstring Bags

What would children love to get as free gifts? Obviously kids would love to something that is colorful and fun to play with and which they can take around and show off to their friends. If you are looking for something that is a bit more useful than a silly toy for your little patrons, […]

Custom Rulers And Stencils- The Easiest Way To Measure Up To The Expectations Of Kids

Customized Notepad with Sticky Flags, Pen, Ruler & Magnifying Glass - Yellow

Kids are impatient and difficult to please. Businesses that sell kids brands will have to go that extra mile in retaining their attention for a considerably longer time by handing out custom handouts that they find interesting. We have an interesting range of kids promotional items that will appeal to the little ones and their […]

Custom Foam Toys -Make Every Event Interesting!

Customized 22

Foam fingers and Toys make great kids promotional items and school spirit items to cheer on your sports team, for school spirit rallies and more. Offered in a range of shapes and colors, these make a fabulous way to show the school spirit for kids. Low in weight yet high in visibility foams can turn […]

Imprinted Foam Toys Make Fabulous Team Spirit Items

Promotional Logo Premium Foam LED Sticks

Add a fun twist and a pop of color to your promotions and get your brand closer to the hearts of your little patrons with these interesting foam toys. Kids will love these as both collectibles and toys and will love to show these off to their friends, thereby taking your message to a farther […]

Kids Love Fashion And That Is What Makes these Custom Gifts Popular Among Kids

Personalized Glow in the Dark Sunglasses

Kids are natural actors! They simply love to flaunt the latest fashion styles, imitate their favorite actors and put on airs like elders! So, can there be a better gift idea to consider than custom sunglasses or watches for marketers dealing with kids products? A trendy pair of sunglasses not just makes the kids look […]

Custom Kids’ sunglasses- Make your brand promotions appealing to the family audience


Kids love to imitate their parents or their favorite movie stars in their dressing style. The impressionable minds of the little ones will get easily influenced by the trends and fashions and this is what makes kids the best brand ambassadors for any business. Sunglasses add dollops of charm and color to their kiddy profile […]

Add A Fun Twist To Your Promotions With The Oldest Toys Of Yo Yo

Custom Imprinted Spaghetti Colorful Yo Yo

Yo Yos will tug the hearts of both kids and kids at heart with its simplicity and fun design. Offered in a range of colors, these fun toys that go up and down the string like crazy will bring a smile to anyone’s face in no time. Nobody can resist the fun of making these […]

Logo Imprinted Bounce Balls- Add Fun And Bounce To Your Promotions

Custom Printed Rocket Orb Promo Bouncer Balls

Kids are hard to please customers and businesses often have to put on a couple of creative caps to find interesting ways to grab their attention and impress the parents. Bright colors, fun games, tasty food and a festive mood will create a perfect way to attract customers. Think about contests and prize wheels that […]