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Pencils & Pens

What Makes Custom Pens Popular Gifts Among Kids?

0.17 Oz Promotional Logo Bubble Pens

Kids love to get free gifts that are stylish, functional and above all earn them the bragging rights for their life. Gone are the days when pens used to be plain and boring. These days it has evolved to be eye catching accessories that will impress everyone who sees it. Pens are not just writing […]

Custom Pens- Meaningful Handouts For All Types Of Kids Centric Promotions

7 Inch Custom Printed Fuzzy Pens

Imprinted pens remain one of the most effective handouts to promote all types of events and strike up a conversation with kids and kids at heart alike. Pens are cost effective, easily stored and useful for everyone. The best part is that imprinted pens are available in a range of models and colors that will […]

Personalized Pencils – The Best Way To Leave An Indelible Brand Impression

Promotional Logo Hockey Stick Pencil with Eraser

Custom pencils will make a great cost effective way to reward students and a gift to keep the kids listening. Pencils offer great value and utility items to get your message across. Personalize these with your brand name and favorite phrase and see how these kids promotional items turn into a delightful handout and a […]

Custom Pencil Pouches- Ensure Brand Exposure That Last Through The Whole School Year!

Personalized Frosted Pencil Pouches

Personalized pencil pouches will bring a smile to the kids’ faces while they are in school, arts and crafts schools or summer or winter camps! Designed to last through the school year, pencil pouches double up as their little coin purse, candy totes or even a make-up kit for the lil ones! These class room […]

Kids Promotions Guide: Unknown Virtues of Fun Custom Pens

10 Inch Promotional Logo Wild Flamingo Pens

What makes a promotional product fun and attractive? It can be its color, any unique functionality it serve and an unconventional design. When thinking about making kids promotional campaign outstanding the first thing that comes to mind is the fun factor. It is a very sensitive factor that plays a very important role in deciding […]

Top 4 Breakthrough Ideas That Helps Kids Promotions Using Custom Pencils

Promotional Logo Hockey Stick Pencil with Eraser

Which is that special promotional item for kids you have tried and tested each time? Balls, piggy banks, balloons etc are some of the most popular ones. Pencils are also one such promotional item which is outstanding in getting the attention of people thoroughly. Pencils are not just a very common product kids and even […]

Pencil Pouches Does More than Usual Promo Items

Promotional Pencil Cases

What made you think about using a promotional gift? It will be the need to spread awareness about your brand/product to more number of people. It was a smart decision and we appreciate your goodwill. Now let’s talk about how you can make it go smooth and your kids brand make it to the top […]

8 Innovative Ways To Use Custom Pencils

Custom Printed 5 Pack Colored Pencils

Custom writing supplies like pens and pencils are the second most popular promotional items among marketers. Budget friendly and available in a range of styles and colors, kids friendly pencils have a special place in the lives of every school going kid. Be it to make a funny doodle during class break, to scribble down […]

These Custom Pencil Sharpeners Will Keep Your Brand Well Displayed

Customized Square Pencil Sharpeners

If you thought pencils have lost their significance in this era of e-lessons, you will be in for a surprise. Kids use pencils not just for their SAT exams but also for making notes, drawing and writing. Custom pencils may rank high in popularity among promotional gifts but the fact that these can only be […]

Custom Pencil Pouches Will Make Your Message Stay Safe In Your Patrons

Personalized Neoprene Pencil Cases

One of the most popular school supplies for kids, pencil pouches are not just functional in value but a style statement too for the tiny tots to impress their friends. So, can there be a better option to reach out to your little patrons other than these logo items? These pencil pouches will help the […]