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Kids Promotions Guide: Unknown Virtues of Fun Custom Pens

What makes a promotional product fun and attractive? It can be its color, any unique functionality it serve and an unconventional design. When thinking about making kids promotional campaign outstanding the first thing that comes to mind is the fun factor. It is a very sensitive factor that plays a very important role in deciding what are the outcomes produced by the end. Without a pleasant and entertaining aspect, it will be difficult to keep the kids intact to the programs or events you are planning as part of the promotion. Luckily, we have some cool products in our custom pens section which make sure that there will be lot of fun no matter what activities or programs you are planning.

Wild Flamingo Pens

The first on the list is the 10 inch Promotional Logo Wild Flamingo pens. When compared to the standard pens, these custom printed pens are having a unique design and they are eye catching. Along with the plastic, glittery barrel they are also featuring silicone feathers that will ensure that everyone will notice the logo imprinted on these products. Above all, these pens are CPSIA compliant and are available in Green, Blue and Yellow colors.

10 Inch Promotional Logo Wild Flamingo Pens

Hello Hand Pens

Say Hello to your little patrons with these 11.25 Inch Custom Printed Hello Hand Pens. Plenty of brands out there are giving away customized pens to children but when you are trying to standout from others, will that same standard pen be your promotional gift? Our answer is the Hello hand pen which comes with all features of a standard pen along with an additional visual point of contact. Translucent colors, rubber grip and additional imprint space on the hand are major highlights.

11.25 Inch Custom Printed Hello Hand Pens

Wind Up Pinwheel Fan Pens

Kids will easily get annoyed by boring presentations and seminars, thus picking a fun and interesting promotional item for such activities and events are very important. 8.5 Custom Printed Wind Up Pinwheel Fan Pens are one such promotional kids’ products that will let you gain the attention of the parents accompanying the kids as well. Pediatric clinics, banks and schools can make their promotions effective using these custom fun pens.

8.5 Custom Printed Wind Up Pinwheel Fan Pens

Flamingo Spring Pens

Schools, kids stores and school supply stores can make these Custom printed Flamingo Spring Pens their promo gifts to children. The main highlight of these Flamingo shaped custom printed pens is their hair which is also a keyboard duster. The suction cup in the bottom makes it easy to keep them stand in study tables without getting lost. Purple and Pink color variations are available.

Custom Printed Flamingo Spring Pens

Fuzzy pens

Here is the final and the most funny looking promo item in the list. These 77 Inch custom printed Fuzzy pens will never let the children feel bored. They are presenting an imprint space of 1/4″ x 1-3/4″ in the barrel. The comical silicone monster at the top will make your brand close to children.

7 Inch Custom Printed Fuzzy Pens

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