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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Custom Games And Toys – Promote Healthy Playing Habits Among Kids

Customized Opera Style Binoculars - Blue

The biggest challenge faced by the modern day parents is to wean off the kids from TV and video games. Today’s kids spend a lot of time in front of small screens when they should be playing sports, learning skills or socializing with other kids. Studies show that obsession of computer games decreases the attention […]

5 Best Kids Promotional Products for Outdoor Sports Events

14 Inch Logo Imprinted Basketball Beach Balls

Schools as well as sports equipments stores organize outdoor events for kids for various purposes. According to the objective of these events, you can choose various themes and activities. Sports theme will be a great option to consider as every kid will love sports. There are promotional products for kids that are specially designed to […]

Top 6 Tech-Free custom products for Modern-Day Kids

Customized 2 Pack Swirl Crayons

Parents love to play with their kids whenever they get time and it is a very good thing to keep your bonds with the little ones stronger. However, there are times when you wish to stay relaxed and calm or spend some quality time with your partner. Road trips, flights and similar travelling modes are […]

Custom Bookmarks – A Creative Way To Connect With Your Little Patrons

Customized All About Bicycle Safety - Bookmarks

Since early school days, kids need to get trained in using the resources available to them diligently. Custom bookmarks will make a perfect material to help them get through the most important phase of growth and development. The world is changing very quickly and the life styles, way of thinking and cultures are also evolving […]

4 Most Reliable and Consistent Kids Promo Items of All Times

Custom Printed Piggy Banks - 5 Colors

It is essential to make your brand name known to everyone in town, especially the ones who are most likely to access your services and products. If it’s kids and parents who are your most prestigious customers/users, you can rejoice! We are about to introduce you the most reliable and consistent promo items for kids […]

10 Ways You Can Stretch Promotional Impact Over 6 Months

7 Inch Custom Printed Fuzzy Pens

The more life your promotional campaigns achieve, the better outcomes it can bring in the sales and lead generation process of the brand. When it is about a kid’s brand, having a good customer base can do wonders in your upcoming business plans too. A long lasting promotional effect can give more fuel for your […]

How Custom Foams Strengthen Your Brand Image

Promotional Logo Premium Foam LED Sticks

One good reason why businesses and brands should use promotional products for marketing purposes is simply because of their ability to make your brand familiar. Showcasing your brand logo, promotional message or other details are easier using promotional products. Kids’ promotional products include, toys, desk accessories and other products that kids use for study, play […]

5 Promo Items for Kids That You Probably Never Tried, But Are Awesome

Custom Imprinted Spinning Dragonfly Toys

Balloons, pens, coloring books, crayons and what not, people try a long of list of promo items to steal the attention of kids. The fact is that each of them has their own special features and abilities to make your brand logo or business name engraved in the minds of the little ones. The jackpot […]

Must Have Information to Plan an All-Season Promotion Using Custom Sunglasses

Customized Blues Brothers Kids Glasses - Assorted Colors

Some people have a misconception that certain promo gifts can be used only in specific seasons. We don’t want you to lose the opportunity of using any promotional items due to such misunderstandings. Our online store consists of plenty of promotional gifts for kids which can make your promotions really amazing. Our custom sunglasses category […]

Beach Promotion Ideas You Will Want To Try Immediately

Promotional 5 Inch Water Squirter Guns

Like adults, kids also have a great love for the beaches. Luckily the country is blessed with a lot of world famous beaches. However, to make the most of the magic powers of beaches, you only need a decent beach where there are great possibilities for games, activities, celebrations and crowd. The sun, surf and […]