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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Pack A Boom To Your Brand Promotion With Custom Poppers

Customized Poppers

Your little patrons will surely go bonkers over these fun toys of poppers! They will love to play with these simple toys whenever and wherever they can thereby giving a wide exposure to your brand logo imprinted on it. Kids make the biggest brand ambassadors for your brand as they are highly vocal in talking […]

Custom Ruler Pens Will Make Uncommon Gift Ideas for Kids for Brand Promotions

Personalized Notepad with Sticky Flags, Pen, Ruler & Magnifying Glass - Pink

Kids are careless and forgetful at times that parents have to be close on their heels on a busy working day to make sure that they have their rulers and pens for school. Check out these logo ruler pens that simplify their work desks by bringing together the double benefits of a ruler and a […]

Add a Pitch to Your Brand Promotion with Custom Tambourines

Customized BlackNeon Tambourines Assorted Colors

Kids are born to be noisy and boisterous. So hand out these custom tambourines during your brand promotions and get them rock n roll! Be it to promote a concert, a musical band or a sports league, custom tambourines has a charm of its own. Get the band back together, cheer for your team or […]

Let Your Brand Become a Hit with Custom Paddle Balls

Customized Paddleball Red

Loads of fun and laughter, custom paddle ball wins hands down as one of the most popular fun toys for kids. Dating back to the 1920’s, it has always been an American favorite and a staple of all summer camps and outdoor holidays! Not many custom gifts can match the fun of paddle balls. Imprint […]

Custom Bubbles Will Get Your Brand image Soar Up In No Time

Customized Round Bubble Necklace Blue

Everyone loves bubbles to play with. Be it in the air or floating in the bath tub, bubbles that float and waft in the air before popping out is a spectacle worth watching. Even the most fidgety kids will love to spend hours on end making bubbles. Hand out your tiny patrons the popping fun […]

Spring up your brand promotion with Custom coils

2.25 Inch Logo Imprinted Spring Coils

No wonder slinky was voted as one of top 10 toys in America, considering the wide spread popularity that it enjoys among not just kids but also kids at heart! Almost everyone had a slinky when they were kids. Custom coils are loads of fun as these can tirelessly spring back and forth in your […]

Holiday Season Promotional Gifts For Kids

Custom Logo Imprinted Santa Hats

Christmas is only a fortnight away and New Year is close on its heel, which makes it a frenzied time for marketers for holiday promotions. Budget friendly and loads of fun and glitter, these holiday season gifts for kids will make your logo part of the kid’s festivities and celebrations. Imprint your logo and message […]

Get Your Brand Into The Hands Of Your Little Patrons With Custom Watercolor Paint Coloring Books

Custom Printed Coloring Book with Mask Fire Flash the Firefighter

Kids love to dabble with colors and paint. These will not just unveil their creative talents and lateral thinking style but will also enhance their motor skills and dexterity. For marketers who are looking for a budget friendly gift idea for kids, water color paint coloring books will be a good option. One of the […]

Custom Truck Banks Will Earn Truck Load Of Appreciation And Exposure For Your Brand

Personalized Truck Bank - Red

Custom shaped banks are cute ways to teach children to save their nickels and for setting goals. These truck shaped banks will appeal to not just kids but also adults as these will help them to keep their coins well organized. Kids who might have had got bored of the customary pig shaped banks will […]

Get Your Message a Massive Promotion with Custom Jumbo Chalk

1 Pack Jumbo Chalk

Show off the fun side of your business to your tiny patrons with these logo imprinted jumbo chalk. Kids will love these chalks to draw doodles or scrawl their name down the sidewalk for everyone to see. Drawing and coloring increases the motor skills, dexterity and creative qualities of kids and these attractive jumbo chalks […]