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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Put Your Logo On A Surge With Promotional Balloons

Personalized 9

Up, up, and away! Take your brand campaign to new heights with custom balloons from Promo4kids. Looking for the best promotional gift item for kids? Balloons make the best choice. Kids love it and your logo over these will enjoy a popular display and admiration and will impress everyone around- all these on a miniscule […]

Custom Frisbees- The Surefire Promotional Ideas For Kids Product Businesses

Customized Florida Flyers 9.25 Inch

The mere mention of this ringing word of Frisbees will bring in glimpses of beach fun, outdoor frenzy and more for both kids and adults! These colorful and simple fun toys are well suited for all age groups and ensure pure family fun. Hand out these logo Frisbees that will encourage the kids to enjoy […]

Earn Goodwill And Brand Exposure With Personalized Kids Bags

Custom Logo Imprinted Pumpkin Drawstring Backpacks

Kids love to act like their parents and find pleasure in emulating them. So, it is not surprising that kids love bags too as accessories and as props. If you are looking for a sure fire promotional gift to tug their little hearts, there can’t be a better choice than these logo bags. They will […]

Create A Buzz For Your Brand Using Custom Maracas

Personalized Mini Assorted Neon Maracas

Create a buzz and bang for your brand with these delightfully colorful and noisy toys of custom Maracas. Kids will love it any day for sure so will be the adults! Make sure that your message is not just seen but also well heard by imprinting it on these shrill toys. Hand out these custom […]

Add Color And Fun To Your Brand Promotions With Custom Crayons

Custom 2 Pack Cello Wrapped Crayons

Crayons are the middle names of colors and fun. Everyone loves to give shape to their random thoughts and ideas with these colorful sticks and when it comes to kids, they can spend hours on end in the company of crayons and the fun art that it offers. Custom crayons make perfect handouts to promote […]

Custom Yoyos Will Give Your Brand The Much Need Leap And Portability

Customized Glow in the Dark Yo Yo - Blue

YoYos are one of the oldest toys known to mankind and no wonder these remain popular even today not just in toy shops but as promotional gift ideas for marketers. YoYos are thought to date back to the eras of Egyptian Pharaohs and inscriptions on the walls of ancient Greek monuments substantiate this fact. Kids […]

Uniquely Shaped Logo Piggy Banks For Budget Business Promotions

Customized Heart Bank - Red

Piggy banks are adorable gifts for any kid! Children who get a piggy bank from their loved ones will remind them not just about the person who gave it but also the special occasion for a very long time. Let’s be frank about it! A piggy bank enjoys a place in timeless American classics and […]

How Logo Piggy Banks Make Money Pots Of Saving For Kids

Customized Piggy Bank With Removable Nose - Red

Any child will love to get a piggy bank as a gift as these adorable money pots teach them to save money from an early age. Offered in a range of quirky shapes that will surely please the kids, these logo piggy banks will encourage them to save money for the rainy day. Personalize it […]