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How Logo Piggy Banks Make Money Pots Of Saving For Kids

Any child will love to get a piggy bank as a gift as these adorable money pots teach them to save money from an early age. Offered in a range of quirky shapes that will surely please the kids, these logo piggy banks will encourage them to save money for the rainy day. Personalize it with your logo and message and see how your logo becomes part of their little world!Customized Piggy Bank With Removable Nose - Red

History of piggy banks
Piggy banks date back to thousands of years and in many traditions, these money pots are still associated with wish making. For instance the Terramundi money pots have been used as traditional wish keepers in Italy for over 2,000 and its basic design remains unchanged even today.

It is thought that the English settlers brought piggy banks and the custom of saving to America, as it was essential for their survival. In the 1700 when coins were used for transactions, the popularity of piggy banks went up higher than ever. As told by Benjamin Franklin that “a penny saved is a penny earned”, putting something in one’s piggy bank has always been part of American tradition. While the traditional clay piggy banks had to broken to retrieve the coins, the modern day piggy banks come up with a removable stopper for the kids to take out the coins.Customized Piggy Bank With Removable Nose - Blue

Piggy banks as promotional and personal gifts
Custom piggy banks wonderful gifts for children’s birthdays, America saves Week and awareness campaigns. These logo piggy banks can be used to promote schools, insurance companies and the like. Banks can reward the new account holders with a gift of a piggy bank. Adorable and long lasting, Piggy banks make adorable children’s gifts and enjoy a long retention. Kids will continue to use it for many years not just as their personal banks but as their play time companion, keep sakes or lucky mascots!

Piggy banks enjoy a timeless charm that is rooted in nostalgia of the old times when ATMs were unheard of and people retrieved money from these. People of all ages will treasure the memory of those days when a filled up piggy bank meant a special purchase or festivities at home.

Nostalgic collectibles
Piggy banks have always been part of pleasant memories for people. Saving money in a piggy bank was an approved activity for most children and the feel good factor they get when they put a few pennies away for the proverbial rainy day stays with people through their lifetime. The best thing is that piggy banks make timeless collectibles that are testimonies of the past, which people will cherish for a very long time.

Promo4kids has a range of custom piggy banks in all possible shapes and colors that it is not hard for you to find something that match your promotional theme.

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