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Rulers & Stencils

Promotional Rulers- The Daily Use Class Room Items With An Amazing Marketing Potential

12 Inch Custom Printed Leading Edge Rulers

Rulers make an important daily use item for kids to do their homework and drawings. There are various interesting models including magnifying ruler, ruler pen and multifunction rulers among others that will make great handouts for brand activation. Magnifying rulers will help the kids to see the figures very clearly. Offered in various pleasant colors […]

Custom Stencils- Promotional Items Kids Will Love For Sure

Customized Magnifier with Ruler & Letter Opener - White

Custom stencils will help the kids learn shapes in an easy and fun loving way. It makes a great promotional tool for arts and crafts centers, schools and kids fashion brands as these make effective teaching tools and play time supplies all at once. Custom gifts that help kids to learn and have fun will […]

Secure A Place in the Heart of Kids with Custom Rulers and Stencils

4 Inch Custom Imprinted Multifunction Rulers

Think like a kid before every promotion, and see which all promo items can make the kids excited in your promotions. It is not tough to make children excited but to influence the parents positively and make a good brand image you need to be really careful. Get the best promo item and half your […]

Custom Ruler Pens Will Make Uncommon Gift Ideas for Kids for Brand Promotions

Personalized Notepad with Sticky Flags, Pen, Ruler & Magnifying Glass - Pink

Kids are careless and forgetful at times that parents have to be close on their heels on a busy working day to make sure that they have their rulers and pens for school. Check out these logo ruler pens that simplify their work desks by bringing together the double benefits of a ruler and a […]

Custom Plastic Rulers Will Make Your Brand Promotions Accurate

Promotional Letter Opener Mini Rulers with 3 Colors

Rulers are something everyone uses- especially school going kids. Don’t we all search for a ruler to make a straight line even today? Highly practical and essential items in any school instrument box, rulers make excellent promotional items to get your message out in a subtle manner. Imprint your logo and message on the generous […]