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Monthly Archives: July 2017

5 Good Kids Custom Gifts to Refresh Your Promotions

Customized 1 Pack GIANT 8

Children love to have fun and to play around, they are innocent and they don’t think much while picking a product. That doesn’t make things easier for kids’ brands to make their kingdom established just like that. Moreover it demands more responsibility and sincerity from the brands to make their marketing efforts in a positive […]

How to Make Your Promotions Enticing With Custom Toys

Promotional Logo Lion Bean Bag Buddies

What is a quick solution to calm down a crying child? Are you thinking what I’m thinking right now? Yes, toys are the best solution to bring kids to a joyous mood. Children and toys have a very good bond; some of them even consider their teddy bears and dolls as virtual friends. Well, unlike […]

Slider Puzzles: Brilliant Way to Introduce a Kids Brand Logo

Promotional Logo Classic Slider Puzzle

In order to make your promotions noticed you can try a wide range of promotional products for kids. You will get to pick from some of the most commonly used promo items and the ones with special abilities and characters. Custom puzzles are one of its kind promo items which can deliver a very impressive […]

Top 4 Breakthrough Ideas That Helps Kids Promotions Using Custom Pencils

Promotional Logo Hockey Stick Pencil with Eraser

Which is that special promotional item for kids you have tried and tested each time? Balls, piggy banks, balloons etc are some of the most popular ones. Pencils are also one such promotional item which is outstanding in getting the attention of people thoroughly. Pencils are not just a very common product kids and even […]

Glow in the Dark Sunglasses Are the New Showstoppers

abstract faishon sunglasses on artistic background

Get ready for an amazing promotion with our Glow in the Dark Sunglasses! Kids will love to show off these sunglasses at the night. Well let’s give the little ones the opportunity to have fun in the dark too. These custom sunglasses for kids are specially designed to give the kids a very interesting experience. […]