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Slider Puzzles: Brilliant Way to Introduce a Kids Brand Logo

In order to make your promotions noticed you can try a wide range of promotional products for kids. You will get to pick from some of the most commonly used promo items and the ones with special abilities and characters. Custom puzzles are one of its kind promo items which can deliver a very impressive brand image. These promo items are suitable for those brands which are trying to make a brilliant image. Schools, libraries, special skills training services etc are some good examples of who can utilize the special features of puzzles well. Any brand or organization providing products and services aiming for the overall growth and development of the kids can also make the most of these products.

Promotional Logo Classic Slider Puzzle

Health drinks, hospitals, sports trainers etc are also best examples for who can use these puzzles well for promotions among kids. Puzzles are undoubtedly one of the simplest yet powerful tools which can boost the thinking power and problem solving skills in kids. Due to these facts, parents and teachers will encourage the little ones to play with these special kinds of toys from smaller ages.

Why Pick A Custom Puzzle?

By picking a custom puzzle for promotion you can ensure the support of the parents for your promotions easily. As the slider puzzles are very interesting promotional products which can showcase your brand logo or other promotional products exceptionally, there is no need to think twice before trying these products for promotion.

Another highlight is that these slider puzzles can be reshuffled each time and the kids can try again to put them back in order. After each time, their problem solving and thinking power will keep on improving even without their knowledge. Now all kids promo item can claim such an advantage.

Tradeshows and In-Store Promotions Will Be More Fun

Another great highlight of these puzzles is that even brands not directly related to the kids can make use of their popularity for promotion. Handover these customized products to the kids visiting tradeshows, banks or other commercial spaces and you will be able to make the kids happy at the same time impress the parents with an intelligent gift. These Promotional Logo Classic Slider Puzzles are having a total size of 3″w x 3 1/2″h and they will have enough space to give your brand logo good visibility.

Make Your Brand Logo Familiar

The 1 3/4″w x 1 3/4″h standard imprint option is placed in the center of these puzzles and it will reveal once the kids solve the puzzle. It is an attractive way to unveil new brand logos. More time they play with these puzzles the better brand familiarity will be achieved. The adults who are assisting the kids to complete their tasks will also see these logos consistently and will be impressed for the excellent promotional gifts you have picked.

Build an Intelligent Brand Image

Clearly the brands which have chose these brilliant promotional items for promotions will gain an intelligent brand identity. People also consider your brand identity based on the promotional product, offers and quality of the services/products you are offering. Discover more options from our custom puzzles category and keep improving your brand image among customers.

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