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Top 4 Breakthrough Ideas That Helps Kids Promotions Using Custom Pencils

Which is that special promotional item for kids you have tried and tested each time? Balls, piggy banks, balloons etc are some of the most popular ones. Pencils are also one such promotional item which is outstanding in getting the attention of people thoroughly. Pencils are not just a very common product kids and even adults use daily, but they are having a good bond between the little ones. Thus they are having an important role to play which is more than just a promo gift. Kids love color pencils more than the standard ones. However, making a good understanding about these custom pencils will let you design and execute marketing campaigns impressively.

Promotional Logo Hockey Stick Pencil with Eraser

Being simple and straight forward products that everyone loves to receive as complimentary gifts, filtering the audience will be a very cool idea to make your campaign more effective. Below you will find 4 things that need to be kept in mind before going further with the promotional plans.

Are they matching with your brand image?

What are those unique features of your brand? Quality, design, innovation and features are all factors that determine the unique characteristics of a brand. Though it is for kids, it is necessary to build your brand identity carefully, because most of the time adults have a great influence in the decisions of kids. All parents will pick only the best for their kids and thus, showcasing the best features and characteristics is important. Overall design, appearance and color schemes are going to be crucial.

How comfortable and efficient are they?

The making quality of these custom products is good enough to give the kids a free-flow writing or drawing experience. Note that all credit for whatever negatives and positives the user experience with these pencils goes to your brand. To guarantee the best results we are taking good care to give away top quality products only. For both standard Black lead pencils and the color pencils coming in assorted lead colors, it is all about making the kids feel happy about what they get. Color pencils are great for creating an attractive brand image, whereas standard pencils will be suitable for brands looking for creating a standard and reliable brand impression.

What are the colors?

The custom color pencil sets are presented in assorted colors to give the kids more options. Promotional Logo 6 Pack Colored Pencils are great for promoting drawing classes, school supplies stores etc. They can be ordered as low as 75 units which make them a cool option for a quick promotion.

Promotional Logo 6 Pack Colored Pencils

Out of the box is the new trend

The promo items with a unique theme or design has the ability to gain attention quickly. Promotional Logo Hockey Stick Pencil with Eraser is one good example. These custom pencils can be used for the promotions in sports themed events, competitions or sports centers. Take a look at other categories in our online store and find out more stunning promotional products to make your promotions booming.

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