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Put Your Logo On A Surge With Promotional Balloons

Up, up, and away! Take your brand campaign to new heights with custom balloons from Promo4kids. Looking for the best promotional gift item for kids? Balloons make the best choice. Kids love it and your logo over these will enjoy a popular display and admiration and will impress everyone around- all these on a miniscule budget!Personalized 9

Need to jive up your weekend party? Forget about mimes or clowns, which may or may not appeal to everyone and settle for balloons, the time tested fun party formula. Custom balloons make the life of any party. Be it as birthday party favors, wedding gifts or hand outs during milestone celebrations, balloons have a breezy charm about them that is hard to overlook! Loved by both kids and adults alike, a bunch of balloons can add a festive and party charm to even a nondescript gathering.

The big plus of promotional balloons

  • These are available in a wide variety of colors
  • Available in sizes of 9″ in diameter
  • Made of 100% biodegradable latex
  • Available at the lowest prices

Custom balloons make perfect promotional gifts to promote nursery schools, book stores, dance classes, arts and crafts classes, dentist offices, kids friendly restaurants, kids stores and much more. Imprint your logo and message on these brightly colored balloons and get your message out in style. There is nothing more embarrassing than a bunch of screaming and yelling kids in a crowded mall or restaurant. So, to make sure that your patrons enjoy a relaxed dinner and a happy evening, hand out these attractively colored balloons to the kids, which will keep them hooked for hours together.Promotional 9

Imprinted balloons also make wonderful tradeshow booth decorations and hand outs that will attract kids to your booth. The best thing is that you can order these custom balloons in bulk and avail cash discounts. Light weight and easy to transport, balloons enjoy a long shelf life too, which means that you can order for the busy holiday seasons well in advance to grab the best deals and save time.

Balloons are versatile gift ideas that will appease not just kids but every genre of your customers. One of our most popular models is the 9″ balloons in basic and metallic colors that can be handed out with goodie bags, return favor gifts, school spirit gifts and party gifts.

Holiday season is slowly inching closer and there is nothing better that any kid can ask for than balloons to make their leisure hours more enjoyable. Imprint your logo and message and the parents of your tiny patrons will surely be impressed by your smart promotional gift that keeps the boisterous kids well engaged.

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