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What Makes Custom Coloring Books Ideal Kids Promotional Items

Kids love to dabble with colors and crayons and often spend hours together filling colors into the funny images and carton figurines in the coloring books. Business owners find custom coloring books one of the time tested kids’ promotional items. Offered in a range of interesting themes, coloring books also convey important social messages to kids in a fun filled manner. Schools, arts and crafts stores or kids fashion brands that are looking for custom gifts that offer Information through entertainment will find custom coloring books a perfect choice.

Now that the holiday season is rolling in coloring books will make a great gift idea for kids. Be it as Thanksgiving gifts, stocking stuffers or New Year gifts, coloring books will win hands down as one of the most popular choices.

Here are some of the popular coloring books that you will find perfect choices as your promotional swag. You can choose from various useful themes and topics like road safety, doctor’s visit, diet plans and more that your little patrons will find interesting and informative.

Safety lessons

Teach the basics of road safety to kids in a fun way with these highly useful coloring books. This simple gesture will ensure that the kids grow up as responsible and law abiding citizens in future and will follow the road safety rules with ease.

Barkley Teaches Bicycle Safety: Teach the kids bicycle safety through stories and images in this coloring book that the kids will love for sure. By the time they complete coloring this book, they will have a fair idea of bicycle safety as well.

Custom Coloring Books - Barkley Teaches Bicycle Safety

Home Safety with Harriet The Hippo: In this coloring book, Harriet, the hippo takes kids on a home safety trip room-by-room to make their homes safer. It is an effective way to teach the kids safety lessons in an interesting way.

Custom Coloring Books - Home Safety with Harriet The Hippo

Summer Safety With Sunny The Seagull: How to stay safe in summer without cutting down on outdoor fun? The kids will learn it from this friendly seagull that lives along the shores. Imprint your brand and message on these and see how your brand will grab the attention of the parents as kids stay glued to this interesting book.

Custom Printed Coloring Book - Summer Safety With Sunny The Seagull

Healthy eating

The biggest challenge for parents is to get the kids eat right. These coloring books will go a long way in making the kids aware of the importance of eating right.

Healthy Eating Coloring Book: This book introduces them to the importance of healthy eating and inspires the kids to follow them. It can be handed out during school fundraisers, annual functions, social events, community events and promotional events. Your brand on this will make both the kids and their parents happy.

Customized Healthy Eating Coloring Book

Eat Right Eat Healthy: Inspire the kids to eat right and stay healthy with these informative coloring books. These can be used by dieticians, schools and health clinics as their promotional handouts.

Personalized Coloring Books - Eat Right Eat Healthy

We have a lot more themes to choose from. By the way, if you thought coloring books are just simple and silly gifts you could be in for surprise to note the benefits that coloring books have.

  • Coloring helps the kids to hold a writing tool the correct way and enhances the dexterity skills by developing those tiny muscles in their hands.
  • The activity of coloring involves a lot of hand-eye coordination as the child learns to color within the specified area.
  • Children develop the skill of staying focused while coloring
  • Coloring will take the kids to the amazing world of colors and shapes and will help them to recognize patterns and shapes and learn things in a light hearted way.
  • Coloring is thought to have a stress busting effect on not just kids but adults as well as it will give them some quality quiet time and relax their brain cells after a hectic day’s work.

Can you think of other benefits of coloring that you might have observed when children spend their time coloring? Share with us at the comments section.

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