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Add A Fun Twist To Your Promotions With The Oldest Toys Of Yo Yo

Yo Yos will tug the hearts of both kids and kids at heart with its simplicity and fun design. Offered in a range of colors, these fun toys that go up and down the string like crazy will bring a smile to anyone’s face in no time. Nobody can resist the fun of making these toys spin. For marketers who are planning to reach out to an audience comprising of kids there can’t be a better hand out than custom Yo Yos. Perfect for the holiday season and the fun events that it brings, custom Yo Yos will make a delightful gift item for kids.

Custom yo yos are excellent options for fund raising events, awareness campaigns and to promote a range of businesses like schools, kids fashion brands, beach resorts, restaurants and much more. Easy to use and easier to distribute, imprinted yo yos can also be employed as raffle gifts or mailer items. Kids will love to play with these fun toys and every time they do so, your brand and message on these will grab the attention of other people in the park, beach and picnic grounds. Silly and fun items like Yo Yos gather equally impressive leads and generate interest like many other costly promotional items. Studies show that logo items that convey the promotional message in a subtle way are often more effective than promotional gifts with a heavy marketing overtone.

Marketers who are looking for a low cost promo item will never find a better option as these fun toys flaunt ridiculously cheap price tag. Yo Yos literally will take your brand into the hands of your little patrons and even their family. Well retained and warmly received, these custom gifts are something that not many people can resist. Just in time for the holiday season and the festive fun, we have added a lot of interesting models that will tug the hearts of kids.

Custom Imprinted Spaghetti Colorful Yo Yo: There is nothing like a plate of spaghetti to get the kids gathered around the table; likewise these Spaghetti Colorful Yo Yos will draw kids in no time. Offered in a range of attractive colors, these fun toys with string like rubber strands that resemble spaghetti will make the kids come back often to your stores. These promotional gifts are well suited to promote toys stores, food brands and gaming centers and will make the little ones happy. Place your orders right away for Spaghetti Yo Yo that will sweep the kids off their tiny feet in no time!

Custom Imprinted Spaghetti Colorful Yo Yo

Translucent Champion Yo-Yo: Kids love colors and brilliance and that is the reason that makes these shining toys a great hit among kids’ promotional items. Offered in assorted colors, these spinning toys will grab easy attention of your little customers. Made of durable plastic casing with strong twine, these CPSIA compliant toys spin for a long time and keep the kids well engaged with your brand. Go for it!

Customized Translucent Champion Yo-Yo - Assorted Colors

Brain Yo-Yo Bungee: These brain-shaped Yo Yos will make a clever way to put your brand in front of the kids. These soft and compact toys will make a great stress reliever and a toy all at once. These feature an elastic string that is attached to the adjustable Velcro finger strap and kids will love to spend playing with these bouncing toys for a long time. It makes a perfect hand out to promote schools to tutoring services to clinics, after school programs and more.

Promotional Brain Yo-Yo Bungee

Happy Face Yo Yo Ball: Kids are naturally happy and carefree; so can there be a better gift item than these happy face Yo Yo balls to connect with them during your promotions? These light up balls have hairs all around and a happy smiling face that will leave the kids amused. These brilliantly colored toys will light up your brand and the kids faces all at once. Order now!

Promotional Logo Happy Face Yo Yo Ball

Have you been using Yo Yo in your promotions? If yes, feel free to share your experiences at the comments section.

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