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What are the most Popular Promotional Products for Kids & Children under a Dollar?

In this season, if you have made up mind to galore those smiles, adoration, thank you – generally lavished on being serenaded with amusing gifts, start investing in promotional products for kids & children. Along with meeting above mentioned expectations, they offer great savings, too. It never matters, whether you are working in a big marketing budget or shoestring budget, the choices -are simply awesome.  You’ll be thrilled to know that are many promotional products for kids & children, that are gifted cost lesser than a dollar, yet they remain brand effective in more than one ways. Do you wanna know which all are they? Stay tuned to this blog post –

  • Balloons: Most kids and grownups find them amazing and pompous ( up to some extent) and they can be availed in exciting green, blues, pinks, reds, yellows and other colors. Marketers can grab them at extremely lower prices $0.08 or $0.11 and even bulk order them without bursting their marketing budget.
  • 2 Pack Crayons: If you are buying it from any online store stocking up custom imprinted products for kids and children, then there are all chances that you can grab them at prices lower than $0.19 or less on 2 pack washable crayons.
  • Florida Flyers: Needless to say that they are easily loved by kids and grownups alike and they are perfect for promote your brand while shuttling in air! These Florida Flyers are offered in multitude of color choices and price ranges, with the lowest being $0.68.
  • Neon Maracas: Kids and grownups all love to be noticed and handing them neon maracas would be the smarter move, if you wish to get noticed through them! These neon maracas are so named because they are offered in neon colors and can be availed in prices lower than $1, sometimes $0.45.
  • Cube Puzzles: Challenging games and brain twisters are kiddo favorites and they never seem to grow bored of it. So, if you are not sure about your choices, go for colored cube puzzles sold under $1. At most of those online stores selling promotional products for kids, you can strike deal for lesser than $0.70-S0.85 on bulk ordering.
  • Glass Rulers: They are well-suited for attracting kids and children because glass rulers are indispensible element in geometry box during the formative years and later. You can strike deal of magnifying glass ruler at prices less than $1 by bulk ordering them from online stores stocking them.
  • Chalks: Needless to say how they might influence your sales, it is always better to seek them for value building, if you aren’t sure about your choices. Most kids love to ape their teachers during school years and they would be happier if handed out blackboards, false eyewear and chalks at any time. If not others, least you can do is handing them 1, 2 or 3 pack jumbo chalk boxes all costing under $1.
  • Coloring Books: If you observe closely, they are the most ordered items on online stores stocking up promotional products for kids. Be it a watercolor painting book or a crayon coloring book, they can be availed at prices lower than $0.99 and are hugely appreciated by kids and their parents.

The above list is built up after carefully observing most ordered $1 items sold on various online stores stocking custom products for kids and children of all ages. You can further grab advantages in form of free art setup, free online design proof and free shipping on buying from them.

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