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Why are Crayons Good for Every Kid?

For most kids-crayons serve as first stepping stone during our first tryst with colors. Most kids get excited on handing out a box of crayons and they spend some time in deciding, which color to use first. No matter where they might use them, coloring with crayons is one important thing in life of a child.

For many parents, buying crayons for their kids is often a compulsion or a way to keep them occupied. However, there is much more them than just a compulsion or indulgence. As these writing pencils (read crayons) are the first thing that they come in contact in the early phases of their life and it can be used for improving their skills such as –

  • Penmanship – What is that? It means by teaching a kid to hold certain crayon or drawing pencil, you are actually training them to hold pens and pencils properly, when they grow up.
  • Motor Skills and Eye-hand Coordination – Kids have their own understanding when it comes to colored pencils. This means they have discretion to choose and color the drawings as per their likes. In a way this kind of discretion and freedom with colored pencils develops their motor skills and develops their eye-hand coordination.
  • Focusing – You rarely see a kid hissing around while coloring their drawing books or papers? What do you think it teaches them? An art of focusing. This type of focusing helps them in long run and makes them one responsive individual.
  • Understanding – As said before most parents allow kids to color as per their discretion.  In the initial stages, they may get contented by filling green, blue, yellow or any xyz color in a red apple. However, their understanding grows with their ability to perceive things. This teaches them a thing or two about understanding things around them. Gradually this understanding translates into enhanced responsibilities.
  • Creativity – For most kids, crayons are the first step to their civilized life. At first it becomes a tool of indulgence and later it may trigger their creativity. Kids who show great inclination towards certain colors of crayons are likely to pursue art as a hobby when they grow up.

When used judiciously crayons aid in developing healthy habits in kids. Parents can position crayons wisely to make their kids understand different aspects of adult life.

Parents who don’t want to subject their kids to any type of allergy or toxins can easily make the choice by investing in non-toxic crayons. They can purchase it from any reputed online stores stocking kids supply. If you are indulged in kids businesses, then seeking promotional crayons in 4, 6 or 8 packs  and gifting them during school or other community events would be wonderful.

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