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What are the Best Crayons for Pre-schoolers and Kids?

Many studies suggest that artistic inclinations develop in kids at an early age, when they start coloring. Given a box of crayons, they are tempted to pick the color, which appeals them, the most. It further fuels their urges to scribble or express their feelings without any intervention. In this whole artistic soiree parents are most worried souls regarding stubborn stains and safety. They often end up enquiring, which is the best crayon for my kid. Here are certain things to look in a crayon –

  • Non Toxic – Today, you can buy special non –toxic crayons developed for kids from ingredients derived from soybeans produced in USA. Many natural derived pigments and dyes are used in formulation to make these crayons toxin-free. These crayons are indicated non toxic. They pose no harm even if kids swallow them by mistake.
  • Natural Formulation – As you might be known crayon sticks are produced from mixing dyes and waxes at certain degree. In natural formulation, more emphasis is given to include natural waxy substances such as soy wax, which are free from petrochemical residues or other harmful fillers regularly used in wax crayons. Also, the care is taken to use more natural color ingredients such as mineral pigments than cheaper petroleum dyes. Although these crayons may be slightly costlier than the regular ones, but still they are worthy of investment. Parents and kids both stay assured of their safety and artistic talents!
  • Washable Crayons– This term may specially appeal parents because who are worried about spoiling their hard earned belongings. Many pre-schooling crayons are washable, which means parents can heave relief and stay back with satisfaction that they can preserve their belongings in their original color and form. Washable crayons leave no marks or traces behind and they are totally stain- free. Parents can check the pack before buying.
  • CPSIA Compliance – This is a regulatory and mandatory US Federal act designed to improve safety of kids under 12.  You have to check, whether the box you wish to buy for your pre-schooler bears CPSIA compliance mark. It will help you to take precaution before the epidemic spreads!

Pre-school coloring crayons can be availed in 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 16 packs. Free art set up, free shipping and free online design proof, are some of the perks that you can expect by ordering these customized crayons in bulk from any reputed online store selling promotional products for kids.

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