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Make Your Brand Promotions Colorful With Custom Crayons

Businesses that are in kids products or services often find the task of choosing promotional items that please their little patrons an uphill task.  Children are hard to please customers as they lose interest in gifts items faster than adults and to keep them engaged may require something that is a cut above the mundane.

Promotional Crayons win hands down as kids promotional items because of their attractive shapes, brilliant color choices and above all the functionality that these logo items enjoy in the lives of kids. The best part is that custom crayons may be used in a wide range of settings in schools and arts and crafts classes. No matter whether a teacher uses them to highlight important points in class or children use it to mark their important lessons, scribble or doodle. In every context, these logo items will enjoy the undivided attention of everyone around, which means your products and services will get a lot of attention.

Assorted Bulk Crayons

Coloring books will not just display your brand and message but will also highlight the lighter side of your brand. Businesses that like to have fun and prioritize creativity above business profits will get a lot of attention from the audience.  Custom coloring books and crayons will make great promotional items during the school year for both kids and teachers. Every time they use it to spend their time creatively and to beat stress or boredom their interaction with your brand goes up manifold.

Countless options to consider

Custom crayons are available in various interesting options including building block crayons, washable crayons, triangle crayons and swirl crayons among others. Offered in convenient packs, custom crayons will set up a creative world that kids will cherish. Loads of fun and functionality, custom crayons will make a great promotional item during mailer campaigns, family events and store promotional events. Customize these with cartoon characters, interesting taglines and logo to keep the little patrons engaged with your brand.

It is the regular brand exposure that turns into brand loyalty for kids at a later stage. When they grow up into responsible citizens they will surely be interested to patronize your brand and often turn into referral customers.

Here are some of the fast selling models that will go a long way in getting your message right on the study desks of kids

Swirl Crayons: These crayons stand out for its multi color choices and swirl design. These attractive crayons will keep the kids busy with coloring, writing and other creative activities. Building block crayons that bring together the best of both worlds of coloring and building blocks is another delightful model that kids will love to make their own. Customize these with your brand and message and see how these logo items will spread your word.

Need more? Browse our collection and choose a model that matches your brand and impress your audience with colors and beauty.

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