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Promotional Yo Yos – Make Your Kids Product Promotions A Fun Game Literally!

Bring in some fun and hilarity to your kids product promotions by making custom yo yos your marketing tools, The oldest know toy known to mankind, Yo Yos date back to the age of Pharaohs of Egypt and have evolved to be one of the most popular games not just for kids but kids at heart as well. Offered in a range of colors and models, Yo Yos can keep your audience literally hooked to your brand. Customize it with your mascot, brand or fun message to make them unique. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, these toys will bring out the kid that refuses to grow up in everyone of us!

Promotional Yo Yos are well suited to promote kids fashion brands, arts and crafts centers, painting classes and more. These novelty games are not just fun but enhances social interaction and dexterity skills in kids. Yo Yos enjoy a long retention and your message on these will get a lot of appreciation and wide angle display. As these fun toys climb up and down the taut string, your brand on it will get a lot of attention from anyone around.

Yo Yos can be used as store promotional gifts, contest prizes and more. Every time you recipients play with these logo items their brand recall will go up. Studies show that kids develop brand loyalty fairly early in their lives and will stay loyal to your brand even in their adulthood.

Low in cost, Yo Yos make a perfect choice for mass promotions like tradeshows and mailer campaigns. Everyone will love to get these fun toys which they will use right from the moment they get it, thereby grabbing the attention of everyone in the event venue including your competitors!

Here are some of the popular Yo Yo models that can be considered in your promotions.

Spaghetti Colorful Yo Yo: Shaped like Spaghetti, these colorful Yo Yos can be used to promote toys stores, food brands and gaming centers to make the little ones happy and make them come back often. Your brand on these attractive Yo Yos will get a lot of face time for sure.

Custom Imprinted Spaghetti Colorful Yo Yo

Happy Face Yo Yo Ball: Kids will fall in love at first sight with these smiling yo yos that will light up everyone’s faces. Offered in brilliant color choices, these light-up Yo Yos stand out for its soft strands all around the ball. It is ideal to promote all types of kids’ brands and businesses.

Promotional Logo Happy Face Yo Yo Ball

Glow In The Dark Yo Yo : Kids are very much attracted to light up toys of all types and these glow in the dark Yo Yos will become their favorite toys in no time. Made of non-toxic, sturdy and very reliable casing, these Yo Yos are safe to play with. These can be used as gifts during school fundraisers, promotional events or summer camps.

Make sure to browse our exclusive category of Yo Yos to find the most trending models at best rates. Have you used custom Yo Yos in your promotions? Share your thoughts at the comments section below.

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