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Smart Tips To Choose Age Appropriate Kids Promotions Items

Marketers that wish to promote kids  brands will have to literally step out into the shoes of their little patrons to find what they like and what they don’t! Kids brands is a highly growing multi-million dollar business niche. To cut through the clutter and to grab the attention of their audience, marketers need to come up with some interesting kids promotional gifts as part of their advertisements.

Kids in general like colorful gifts that are fun to play with, preferably something they can take around with them. The little ones hold an immense potential in swaying the shopping patterns and brand loyalty of their parents too. So, if a marketer succeeds in making the kids happy, they will have an easy route to connect with the much wider family audience.

Age Appropriate Promotional Material

If you are planning a kids tradeshow or charity aimed at supporting kids, make sure to select materials CPSIA compliant gifts that are not just fun but safe as well. It is recommended that kids’ toys are free from breakable pars, sharp edges and LED lights if your target audience comprises of kids that are aged less than 5 years. Make sure to customize these with funny cartoon characters, artworks or taglines that the kids will find interesting.

Here are some popular gifts that can be considered for kids

Piggy Banks: Kids will love these piggy banks that make it easy for them to collect small changes and coins. It will inspire them to save from a very early age. Apart from being a bank, these delightful coin banks double up as toys, bed time buddies or study desk décor items. Customize these with your brand to drive up your brand exposure.

Personalized Lil Billie - Small Piggy Banks

Highlighters: Children will love these bright colored highlighters to scribble, doodle or to write! Your brand on these will get a permanent place in kids circles, which they will feel excited about.  These mini highlighters offered in various attractive shapes like stars are easy to hold in their little hands, which makes it easy for them to use it more often. Be it during class, leisure or camps, these highlighters will get a lot of attention.

Promotional Ballpoint Pen with Stylus and Wax Gel Highlighters

Bookmarks: Schools can customize bookmarks to educate kids about values of education, safety rules or road rules to make it interesting and informative all at once.  Kids will love to show off these brightly colored bookmarks with stories or cartoons to their friends, and your brand on it will get a wider audience.

Personalized Bookmarks - Smart Kids Save Money

Yo Yos : The oldest toys known to mankind are still doing good as popular kids toys. Offered in various interesting models like light up moles, Yo Yos will keep the kids engaged for a long time and every time they share their favorite toys with their friends, your brand recall will go up manifold.

Customized Glow in the Dark Yo Yo - Blue

We have a lot more interesting options. Browse and choose your favorite kids promotional item to ensure a subtle brand building!

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