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Spread Your Message with This Young-At-Heart Promoter of Stick Erasers

Stick erasers will bring the fun back to the class rooms and arts and crafts classes for kids! Stick erasers are available in a range of options like rocket erasers or push up erasers among others. Kids will love to have an eraser that never gets tired of wiping out their mistakes. Regular erasers get broken and dry and often are not big enough for stray marks and that is where stick erasers come handy. Marketers who wish to promote schools, arts schools, or kids’ brands can all employ these practical gift items for kids. Be it as a tradeshow gifts, a goodie bag item for holidays or back to school kit item, custom stick erasers will always be popular.

While ordinary erasers leave a dirty smear of the pencil lead, stick erasers ensure a precise wiping without smudging the other areas. Easy to hold for the little hands, stick erasers from Promo4kids are safe and non toxic.

Imprint your logo and message on these essential study desk items for students and hand out during college events, conventions and meetings. These also make perfect gifts during community events and awareness campaigns for kids. The best part is that stick erasers can be used at office, home or schools for erasing mistakes. As everyone uses erasers regularly, these logo items will ensure regular impressions for your brand.

If you thought erasers have lost their functionality in this age of e-learning, computers and tablets, you could be in for a surprise as pencil box, erasers and pencils are very much part of kid’s learning even today. Every time kids slip up, they will instantly reach out to the eraser, exposing your brand to everyone around.

Kids in general loves to show off these limited edition pencil box items that not many of their friends may have and these attractively colored and shaped erasers will readily become the latest conversation topic in their friend circles. Your tiny recipients will even hand out these unique gift items to their friends, setting off word of mouth publicity.

These push stick erasers make extremely popular and budget friendly items to market your services and impress your clients. It doesn’t matter whether your business caters to kids or not, you can easily put your logo on our promotional pencils as these will never fail to grab the attention of the world outside. So, if you have been looking for a sure fire way to erase the competition and make your brand kid friendly, look no further than these non-toxic and high quality push stick erasers from

Call us at 855-454-3786 between 8AM – 6PM EST (from Monday through Friday) for more information about these customized stick erasers and custom erasers and our experts will lead you through the order process. Place your orders today to seal the best price deals!

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