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7 Things No One Tell You about Custom Rubber Ducks

Getting to know unknown facts will sometimes lead you to valid points. You could use such rare information for the betterment of your tasks. In the case of promo items, this could make a very good change indeed. We are talking about custom rubber ducks in this post. Have you ever thought why these promo items are so popular among children? They are small, cute and also interesting. What else kids need to make their leisure hours interesting? These custom ducks are good promotional gifts which can make your brand identity develop in awesome ways.

Custom Fireman Duck Shape Stress Relievers

We want you to know some unknown facts about these kids’ promo gifts which will disclose new ways to promote your brand to kids. The deeper you look into these promotional possibilities, the better ideas you find. Do you know how big the largest rubber duck in the world is? It is 54 feet high, surprised? Well, that doesn’t make any change to your promotions but the following facts will surely bring you some benefits. Check this out and be promotion-ready all the time.

Kids play with them in multiple ways

We have already discussed a lot about how kids are making use of these custom promo gifts to make their leisure time interesting and joyful. Though each of those items is meant to be used in a particular way, most of the kids love to discover their own way to have fun with it. Custom rubber ducks are very flexible when it comes to the choice of application. These can be part of all kinds of games and activities the kids are planning at their homes, beaches or in a pool. These rubber ducks are also popular as bath time toys.

A big list of activities to host

It is easy to make these ducks dear to the kids by making them part of as many activities at the time of your promotional event itself. For example, these ducks can be used for teaching the kids about various body parts and their functions. Ask them what are the characteristics of the bills and wings of the ducks? May be they might be thinking that it can fly. You can create a situation to give a general awareness about such basic information to the children. Give soap, water and a custom rubber duck to the kids and ask them to give the duck a bath, thus creating a situation to give them awareness on hygiene and health. Similarly, host activities that will let you convey your message in an interesting manner to the little ones!

National Rubber Ducky Day

There is even a special day observed in the name of these duckies! The rubber ducky day can be utilized to give kids information about how these toys originated and its evolution to take the current form. January 13th is considered as the birth date of rubber duckies according to a 1973 Sesame Street calendar. This is a good time to do a promotion using these custom duckies and make the kids interested right away. Why miss this occasion and pick any other date when there is a special day dedicated to this awesome toy.

Worth collecting them all

You can see that these custom products are made available in a variety of designs and styles. Fireman duck shape stress relievers and football duck shape stress relievers are good examples for the big variety of custom option you will find apart from the standard duck design. Showoff a variety of duckies in your promotions and make the kids collect them all through multiple promotions you are planning year round. At the end you will get good number of participants for your events and the kids will get their favorite duckies too.

As these are CPSIA compliant, you can assure a safe promotion. Discover more options from our store and have a fantastic promotion.

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