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Best 5 Light-Up Toys That Bring Your Brand to Spotlight

You might have done a lot of research to find kids promotional products that are economical, attractive and with best success rates. Have you found enough results that are matching with your needs? Yes, we know how tricky it is to test various strategies in marketing campaigns and finally get the right outcomes. We know a secret strategy that will open up your marketing campaign and appeal to a wider group of kids. All you need is a group of promotional products that can attract children of all ages. Light Up promotional products are fantastic when it comes to gaining attention of the little ones in great speed.

However, all light up promo items are not equally attractive and engaging as the best ones in the category. Due to that fact you need to find eye popping kids products that can gain amazing results. Following are some of the best options we have discovered for making your promotions outstanding.

LED Fun Spinners

The first one we are presenting in front of you is the Light Up Fidget Spinners. Unlike other promo items fidget spinners are the most popular promo items in all categories right now and thus they can make a great stir in the kids’ promotions category too. Custom printed light-up LED fun spinners are available in Red, White, Royal Blue and Black colors. With a total size of 3″ Diameter, they are reasonably perfect for carrying in pockets. Spin them between the thumb and middle finger to create a round of light rays dancing crazy.

Custom Printed Light-Up LED Fun Spinners

LED Clown Noses

Who doesn’t love to wear a clown nose on celebrations and parties! One of the most important elements that make kids so much attracted to clown is their funny red nose. What if the nose light up and light up in different flash modes. Yes, that’s what these custom LED clown noses are capable of. They will make parties and celebrations great fun. Slow flash, fast flash and light mode are the 3 different settings present. Elastic band makes sure that it fits the little one with ease.

Custom Printed Red LED Clown Nose

Light-Up Foam Sticks

Make the kids quickly attracted to the activities or simply control the vibe inside the event hall with this promotional logo Light-Up Foam Sticks. Along with Blue, White, Pink, Red and Green, there is also a multicolor option presented. Birthday parties and product launch events can be made exciting with these custom kids’ promo items. With our 110% lowest price guarantee you will be able to make the promotions using these foam sticks economical too.

Promotional Logo Light Up Foam Sticks

Light up iconic sunglasses

Can you imagine an outdoor party without sunglasses on a bright sunny day? No. Sunglasses are a very important accessory both adults and kids love to wear when in the sun. How about night parties and celebrations? Promotional Logo Light Up Iconic Sunglasses that are presented in Orange, Red and Blue color choices will make night time events exciting and nice-looking.

Light up Bulb Pen

You might have used custom pens for promotions earlier. Today there is a very large variety of customized pens available which can be used for making kids promotions super effective. Just tap on the top of these Bulb Pen and it lights up, isn’t that amazing. They are CPSIA compliant and are available in Green color.

All of these options are exceptional in promoting brands, causes and events. Make your choice and take your promotions to the ultimate success.

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