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How to Combine Fun, Games and Music for Marketing Campaigns?

Campaigning needn’t be an affair of banners, larger-than-life cutouts and expensive marketing gifts. Kids marketers know it better and they have been striving hard to make their campaigns hit by combining fun, games and music. Some value effective toys, which combine either of these factors or all of them includes-

  • Kids binoculars – They are lightweight and smaller versions of adult sized binoculars. Also, they are offered in bright color profiles than adult ones. Most of them are made up of high quality plastic and you can encourage kids to use them often during the party. Kids can have a real fun in observing smaller things through them and your intervention in helping them to hold these binoculars properly will train them for adult versions, too.
  • Bubble necklace – Kids love to carry them around their necks. Offered in attractive colors, shapes and sizes, they can instantly trigger laughter on faces of kids. Works best during fundraisers and promotional events.
  • Bubbles – They largely spell fun, fun and fun, always. The fascination with bubbles continues in adult hood, too. Parents and investors who are looking forward to offer some good time to kids during parties or promotional events can always invest in these bubbles. They can be availed in containers of different colors. They make a perfect giveaway during fancy dress parties, dance parties, birthday parties, etc.
  • Jump rope –They are popular with kids and grownups alike. You can avail them in different colors and gift them away as a compliment or appreciation. Kids always find them hearty and indulging. It suits marketers who are selling healthcare products or craft items.
  • Horns – Now you know from where the music comes from! Kids love blowing them always. They are likely to retain it for long time even after your party ends. It makes great promotional giveaway during conventions, tradeshows, sports events, or parties, which are attended by huge number of kids.Tambourine and Maracas is another popular musical instrument loved by kids. They can have real fun by shaking them whenever they fell like.
  • Paddleball – This toy becomes a great source of joy for kids who are trying to enjoy with themselves and with their friends. They can shuttle it around even after the party ends. They make a great encouragement gift during birthday parties and other kids events or regular promotional events.
  • Puzzles & Rubber ducks – They are loved by kids and adults alike. They spell fun, happiness and keeps mind occupied. Their charm lasts until old age!

Marketers can avail these fun, games and music tools on a reputed online kid’s store. Handsome discounts are offered on bulk orders of these tools. This translates to the saying “having a cake and eating it, too”.

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