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4slot Coin Banks – Four Types Of Money Management with One Coin Bank

4 slot coin banks will help your little patrons to save, spend, and keep money for charity or vacation all at once. It will be a smart idea to get kids manage their money wisely and to fine hone their money management skills. Available in different solid colors, these coin banks will grab the instant attention of your tiny customers. Imprint your logo and message on these and see how these logo banks will get your brand the much needed exposure.Customized 4 Slot Savings Bank Red

Customized 4 slot banks are perfect gift ideas for tradeshows, corporate events, school events, birthdays, fancy dress events, kid’s picnic parties or infact anywhere where kids love to receive gifts. These can be employed to promote banks, savings awareness campaigns, schools, credit unions and much more.

The innovative design of these coin banks will let the kids to work on multiple goals of their life at the same time and will help them to plan their finances for holidays, savings and charity. Raising financial literacy among kids is easier said than done. So, all the parents and teachers out there will surely fell head over heels for this custom gift for kids that will make the basic concepts of savings interesting for their kids.

Whether kids are saving for their vacations, college degree or a technical toy, these 4 slot banks will help them to achieve their goals faster. Every time they fill up the slots they will get money for their holiday gifts, vacations or charity and this will encourage them to save more. Kids often love to brag about their saving habits and money pots and these uniquely designed custom banks will surely be taken up during the chatter sessions!Personalized 4 Slot Savings Bank Blue

Allowance for kids doesn’t just have to be a bribe for chores or proper behavior but can also be an inspiration for kids to save money and make it grow. Most American young adults end up in debts fairly early in their life by not being financially responsible. These logo banks will instill fiscal responsibility in kids and will be a delightful way to open up the money conversation with their friends.

Kids love change and parents can hand out allowance that will have at least one coin for each slot. As they get older, they will know the difference and the priority of these four slots and every time they get additional coins, they will know into which slot those additional coins should go.

Often money saving habits correlates with the child’s personality. So parents can watch whether their kid is a patient saver, a big spender, a broad minded donor or an investor. Custom 4 slot banks are perfect for individual or combo gifts and investors can stay assured of their efforts getting noticed and receiving high priority. Kids will love to keep these slot banks in their bedrooms, study table or living rooms, drawing constant attention from other members of the family and guests. Place your orders right away!

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