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5 Myths about Kids Promotions Resolved

Start 2017 by eliminating all your misconceptions about kids promotions and custom products for kids. It will bring a lot of new changes to your approach towards promotions. There are plenty of misconceptions regarding kids’ promotions and related products. When compared to the normal promotional products, kids’ promo items are specially designed and manufactured for kids. With a proper strategy and brilliant promotional products, there is no doubt that your promotions achieve great results.

Assorted 8 Pack Crayons

Well, the myths surrounding the kids’ promotions might pull you back from getting the best results. These misconceptions are actually limiting you from accessing the full potential of these promotional materials.

Here we are presenting 5 myths about kids’ promotions that need to be broken in order to get the full benefits from these campaigns.

Kids’ promotions are expensive and hard to execute

The overall cost is a very important factor in marketing and promotional processes. Even in the case of kids brands this is a very crucial aspect no one messes with. Though kids’ products are smaller and simpler when compared to normal products, their price is not very less. This is because of the safety and quality standards that need to be met. It’s a very good initiative because safety is very important especially when dealing with the little ones. All products listed in our store are CPSIA compliant and thus you don’t need to worry about this factor. Nowadays kids’ promotional products are available in very economical price. The more you buy the more reductions you get. Do your research before making a pick. It is easy to browse through various categories in our online store and place an order. Custom balloons, bookmarks and custom crayons are good examples for those cost effective promotional items.

It is all about impressing parents

Earlier kids promotions was done to grab the attention of the elders but now the promotional industry and mindset of the people have changed a lot. Even kids have their own choices and interests. For that reason considering the preferences of parents alone will not give you astonishing results. Promotions that can fulfill the requirements of both parents as well as the kids in a balanced manner will have huge gains with these promotions. The attitude and approach of the modern people have changed a lot, they are giving more value and respect to their little ones choices and likes. The finer tuning you do to make your promotions matching with these characteristics, the better results you can gain.

Next time when you are getting ready for a promotion, give important to both parents and kids.

Kids throw away these gifts end of the day

The era of low quality, plain promo items is over; today promotional items for kids are coming with high quality and with similar features of mainstream products. The difference between the promotional products and normal products is getting thinner each day. The only difference that is easily recognizable is the brand logo in these products. Even the imprint area is getting cleaner and tidier to give a more genuine feel for these products.

This positive change completely eliminated the chances for the kids to throw away the cheap promo gifts at the end of the day. The more value these product shows, more time they stay with the kids.

Kids Promotional gifts = Toys

It’s not just about the toys anymore. It’s true that kids are more attracted to toys but there are also other intelligent and much useful products for the kids which can be very good promotional items. Custom chalks, customized coloring books and promotional calculators are good examples.

Brand impressions generated are less

Some people have a misconception that kids’ products generate very less brand impressions. It’s totally wrong as custom products for kids like promo Frisbees and custom beach balls can attract a lot of impressions from parks, beaches and other public places. By thinking creatively you can explore new ways to ensure better promotional opportunities. Let us know your thoughts and comments about the following insights and enjoy promotions.

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