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Big Factors That Will Redefine Kids Promotional Products Trends In 2017

As each year pass, new changes will take place in every industry and same happens in the promotional industry too. Though not as busy and competitive when compared to the general promotional products industry,kids promotional items category is also becoming more competitive and magnificent as years pass. When compared to the current year, 2017 is going to be lot more potential for those brands which are marketing their products to kids using promo items specially made for them. However, it is essential to prepare according to the changes that the New Year will bring along. Here we are defining some big factors that will redefine kids’ promotional products trends in 2017.

5 X 7 Inch Custom Eco - Rich Spiral Notebook & Pen

Take a look and make sure your brand is living up to the expected changes that will be happening in the next year’s trends.

Environment friendly brands will gain

It is one of those changes that are taking place slowly in the last few years and this year this change is going to be more recognizable than the previous years. People have already started picking eco-friendly brands over normal ones and now they are forming brand opinions based on this factor. An eco-friendly product can improve your chances greater than a normal product. This is because of the fact that people today understands how bad is the impact we humans are giving to our planet and they want to do whatever they can to live green.

Custom Eco – Rich Spiral Notebook & Pen and Custom Rally Totes Football Design Tote Bags are great examples for eco-friendly products for kids.

Custom Rally Totes Football Design Tote Bags - 8 Colors

Brands who delivers high value scores

Gone are the days brands used low quality items to show off their brand logo to maximum number of people through mass giveaways. It is seen that parents nowadays are very specific about the quality of the products and thus products with proper safety features and quality making will surely get more users and brand impressions. We are presenting only top quality products and all products presented in our store are CPSIA compliant to make sure that all your promotions will be safe and sound.

Presentation and safety measures

Another important factor that will determine how well these promotional products perform in your events and activities organized to attract kids or parents, is how these products are packed and presented. After all these products are all made and distributed to create a good impression in front of the target audience. A good gift packing and making is thus going to be a very crucial factor in the coming year. Though it is not applicable for all promotional items, it will be a great thing to consider improving in your future promotions. If you are planning to give multiple goodies filled in a bag or a box, packing becomes more significant.

Promotional Gifts are becoming more significant

Unlike past years, in 2017 promotional products are going to be integral part of the promotional strategies and plans. Last minute plans and orders will give way to more organized and comprehensive promotional ideas and strategies, which will create more influence and results.

These kinds of results will surely generate genuine, permanent brand impressions and awareness among users. If you are looking forward to create a long lasting brand reputation and repeated users, this is a factor that needs to be considered seriously in kids’ promotion from now on.

Technology gifts are also gaining more popularity these days and next year will witness more technology based kids promotional products in the industry. Custom calculators are one of the most popular technology products for kids today. Hopefully, coming year will start a new wave that brings more products in this category. We assure you that, you will get access to latest products as the New Year arrives. Stay tuned to our online store for more updates.

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