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Popular Kids Promotional Items: Custom Piggy Banks VS Custom Bags

Two of the most popular products in the kids’ promotional products industry, custom piggy banks and custom bags are both very influential and effective. They are not only useful but also great for spreading your brand awareness among people. Both of these renowned promotional items have their own features and highlights. Comparing these two popular kids promotional products not only gives you a cool insight about their features, but also will help you to analyze which one is suitable for promoting your brand. No doubt that these two are top products that can bring some guaranteed results no matter which brand or business you are promoting. Learn more about their features and specialties to make your promotions more effective.

Why Piggy Banks?

Custom piggy banks are attractive promotional gifts to children especially because of their ability to develop savings habits in children. These custom products will be the first thing that let the kids have their own savings. As they are directly related to money, they are perfect for the promotions of banks, insurance companies and other financial services. However, being a unique product that teaches the little ones a good habit, almost any brand can utilize these piggy banks for showing off their brand logo.

Personalized Smash It Piggy Bank - Translucent Purple

These products are available in different colors, designs and shapes these days. Children will learn to save their pocket money and finally buy something essential by their own. Doesn’t matter whether the brand is focusing on adults or kids alone, these custom products will show off your brand imprinted on these to everyone in the family! As these products are now available in a wide variety such as colored piggy banks, smash it piggy banks and transparent, you can mix them up and bring some uniqueness to your promotions.

Why Custom Bags?

What makes custom bags a good promotional item for gaining the attention of kids? Answer- Convenience! It’s the same reason that makes bags great for promotions targeting adults too. Kids want to carry a lot of stuffs to their schools, parks and other places they visit. These bags specially designed for kids are available n a variety of shapes, sizes and colors these days. No doubt that children will love to carry them everywhere they go, in order keep their stuffs safe and organized.

Personalized EmotiBag Drawstring Backpacks - 4 Colors

Some of the best examples of kids’ bags available in our online stores include custom baseball drawstring bags, custom emotibag drawstring backpacks and budget slick backpacks. Each of them has special characteristics and features which makes them best for various purposes like carrying their toys to the beach or parks, carrying crayons, coloring books and pencils to the drawing class etc. Consider the type of users you want to focus, and make a wise choice. Another major highlight of the custom bags is that, they can be used for all kinds of promotions including back-to-school promotions, competitions and also parties. It will be a wonderful idea to fill these bags with other promotional gifts to get a double impact from your promotions.

How to make a choice

As both of these products have their own features and advantages, making a selection will be a tough call. However, for the best results you can pick them according to the objectives you want to achieve from your promotions. Piggy Banks can do really well if your aim is to create a solid brand image in front of your customers. By this you can show your commitment towards building a good future generation. On the other hand custom bags can be used to promote products and services. Communicate to your target customers regarding the convenience you offer to them by giving away these bags. As bags will have larger imprint areas and more outdoor exposure, they can support your product launches better than other products.

Is there a winner

Both bags and piggy banks are winners when it comes to showcasing your brand logo and creating good impressions. By understanding your brand requirements and making a decision based on that, you can be a winner in your promotional campaign. As all these products listed in our online store are CPSIA compliant, you can ensure a safe promotion too. Check out our website to explore a fabulous range of models in both these products. Hurry!

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