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Promo Gifts for Kids: Get Inspired By These Success Stories

We all know how big the impact kids’ promotions can create for your business. When compared to the promotions targeting normal users, kids promotions should be approached with a different attitude. Here your intention should be to make the kids happy and excited and leave them wanting more. It is how you could create a wonderful brand identity for your brand focusing kids. You will get to see a lot of examples around for businesses which managed to gain success in their promotions with intelligent tactics and amazing promotional items for kids.

We would like to share few success stories of businesses/organizations which succeeded in their promotional strategies with their clever tactics and impressive promotional gifts. These experiences are handpicked to drive you to your promotional goals. Promoting a brand, event or a product is a game which can be won if you have the fire to challenge the difficulties. You will find plenty of CPSIA compliant products for kids in our online store, thus getting the best support for your promotional plan are an easy task. Visualize the following success stories in mind as you read them and see your brand in the same situation. Discover how you can conduct a similar promotional event to sprint towards success.

Magnifying rulers for students field trip

Let’s see how an old museum managed to increase their popularity using custom magnifying rulers. Upon finding that more educational institutions are visiting the museum, management decided to utilize this opportunity to publicize the venture. They picked up customized white magnifying glass rulers as complimentary gifts for students visiting the place as part of fieldtrips. Kids found that gift very useful to their visit and will be using in other class room activities too. Museum logo will soon gain hundreds of guaranteed impressions.

Customized White Magnifying Glass Ruler

Pencil sharpeners to promote craft classes

A kids store decided to provide craft training classes to kids as part of their promotions. They chose custom pencil sharpeners as their complimentary gifts. Wheel shaped pencil sharpeners and erasers are the product they customized with their event name. More kids joined the program soon after the first group completed their training. The promo item here was perfect at the same time interesting and thus results were guaranteed.

Customized Wheel Shaped Pencil Sharpeners and Erasers

Bags promoting schools

Educational institutions can mark their brand with golden letters in the minds of kids and parents by picking up custom bags for their marketing purposes. Give away these bags to first 50 kids who are enrolling to a new batch. Imprint the logo and brand name clearly onto these custom bags, thus achieving your brand a very high visibility for your organization. Including a contact number or email will be a good idea to make it easy for the users to contact the concerned person quickly.

Tote bags upgrading the bookstore users

Bookstores can also make use of various kinds of bags to promote their services and products. A bookstore started using custom totes instead of the plastic bags they were using from a very old time. Not only they received huge response from the people around but they also managed to achieve a very good brand image as they eliminated the use of plastic bags, thus creating a model for others. As tote bags can be reused, users found it very useful too.

Lesson from these success stories

All you need is to explore promo gifts that are suitable for brand and giveaway to the target audience. There are feature rich promotional products that can not only promote your brand but also spread positive messages that are good for the community. We can guarantee that such promotional gifts can present you brilliant results that are beyond your expectations. Look out for such promo items and make your promotions fruitful.

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