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Put The Savings Habit Of Your Recipients On A High Speed Track With Custom Car Banks

Kids love toy cars and can spend hours on end maneuvering these cars that are not just fun but will fine hone their hand and eye coordination. So, can there be a better option than handing out their favorite toys to make them pick up the nuances of savings? These custom car banks from Promo4kids will make saving money loads of fun and laughter. These will make delightful table decor in kids’ rooms and nurseries too.Customized Blue Car Bank

Customized car banks are well-suited for marketers in automobile, insurance, finance, education or sports among others. These can be handed out to a customer along with their car delivery as a goodwill gift or during auto expos or other tradeshows or promotional events. Personalized car banks also make perfect party favors for milestone celebrations and weddings.

Kids have a special affinity towards toy cars and for this same reason these coin banks will inspire them to save money. Who knows they may even go on to save enough to buy a new car when they grow up! Available in assorted colors like blue and white, custom cars will give wheels to the saving habits of kids.Personalized White Car Bank

  • Custom banks make an interesting way for teachers and parents to teach their children the value of saving money rather than spending it.
  • Custom banks will help them save their loose change safely instead of losing their nickel in the car or under the cushions.
  • Kids will love the sight of their coin collection growing by the day and will motivate them to collect as many coins as possible
  • Kids will love to set a goal for their savings and every time the banks are filled, they can use it up for picnics or for a holiday gift purchase. They may even be inspired to start a new bank account with this money.
  • Logo banks help kids the importance of saving in life, which will help them a lot in future.

Custom car banks will help them understand the importance of the famous quote of Benjamin Franklin that “A penny saved is a penny earned”. Parents can even give small interest on the money saved in these custom banks to teach them how money accumulates over time. Marketers can even hand out multiple piggy banks where kids can use each for saving, charity or spending to make the kids financially wise.

So, if you are a marketer looking for an inspiring and well treasured gift item for kids that will surely impress your little patrons, look no further than these logo banks. Imprint your logo, artwork or even saving tips on these custom banks before handing out these practical gifts.

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