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Classic Piggy Banks – Let Your Brand Exposure Grow Along With the Savings of Your Recipients

Piggy banks are something we all have grown up with where we used to save the dough when no bank accounts, retirement funds or mortgages were even heard of! These classic money toys have been veritable items in every kid’s room since time immemorial. Piggy bags make a delightful option to get kids interested in saving money. Durable and attractive, custom piggy banks make perfect hand outs to promote banks, financial institutions and credit unions. Hand these out during tradeshows or special events like America saves week and more.Customized Classic Piggy Bank Blue

The best thing is that these logo classic piggy banks are not just for kids as adults too will find a classic and nostalgic place for their nickels and pennies. If you thought piggy banks are just ubiquitous money pots that inspire everyone to save, you could be in for a surprise at the other purposes that these piggy banks are often put to! Parents and teachers can make use of these adorable toys to make mathematics interesting for kids.

Imprint your logo and message on these and hand out during community events, tradeshows or school events as acknowledgment token or inspirational gifts. Custom piggy banks will drive in the basics of finance in your kid’s minds in a subtle and engaging manner. Piggy banks also make cute party favors and personal gifts for kid’s birthdays and other milestone celebrations.

Kids will love to put their money in these impressive piggy banks and see their saving grow and when these banks are full, they can take out the savings for their festival shopping and New Year gifts. The best part is that custom piggy banks will enjoy a long retention among most desks and continue to remind users to be financially responsible.Personalized Classic Piggy Bank Translucent Yellow

These cute logo piggy banks will appeal to customers of all ages! Be it the tiny tots making their baby steps in the art of saving or the grown-ups who might be saving to landscape their home, these pigs will be happy to be with them all through.

Fill these personalized piggy banks with spare change to inspire your kids grow their college funds. Your kids will love these adorable money pots that secure their precious cash for their proverbial rainy day and will leave them smiling and happy. The removable stopper will help them retrieve the coins easily without having to break open their adorable piggies at the end of it all.

Here are the big plus of these money banks that you might not have noticed

  • Attractive color choices
  • Generous and highly visible imprint area for your message and logo
  • Coin slot on top and removable plug on bottom
  • Perfect for banks, educational programs and savings awareness programs

Nothing can displace these adorable piggy banks from their citadel of the most popular sit-on-your-desk banks! Inspire your customers (both kids and kids at heart) to save money and get your message out at the same time with these custom piggy banks from Promo4kids.

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