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Stationary Sets: Crafty Ideas to Promote Your Brand to Kids

The best type of promotional items for kids is the ones that kids love, and what they want for a long time. The excitement with such promotional gifts will be many times bigger than the usual gifts everyone will be expecting. Well, some brands will have very specific plans and methods to create a good rapport with their target audience, but the majority will be stuck with the same old promotional procedures and tricks. Which one do you belong? If you are in the first group, you are doing well and if you are in the later side then this blog post can bring a very healthy and interesting change of gear from your very next promotional campaign.

Custom Printed Manicure Set In Gift Tubes

How about promoting your brand in a crafty way? We have personalized stationary sets which can give you the best support for such a promotional campaign. What makes these kinds of promotions outstanding is the fun potential in them and the way they engage the kinds and also the adults who accompany them. Here are some crafty event ideas that can be exploited to do a great promotion. Stationary sets are a really cool promotional gift which can be distributed in these kinds of events.

Teaching to make masks

Kids are very excited about crafts and related activities. They love to learn various crafts and techniques to make something by their own. Masks are really easy to make and thus you can always setup an activity to make them learn how to make one by their own. Scissors, pencils, erasers and glue are some of the most essential accessories needed to perform these tasks. This is where our custom stationary sets will make the entry. Give away these products before the session and make them use it for performing the craft. Let the kids draw the character face they like. It can be animals, super heroes or cartoon characters to name a few. Get this done well and your brand will make a cool image in front of the little ones and also their parents.

Paper crafts

Paper crafts are really fun and easy. You can easily show the kids how to deal with the stationary items they just received and other stuffs to create fun crafts. From creating stars to boats there are a wide variety of crafty ideas you can implement. You need to find enough volunteers to assist the kids in the entire process. If you succeed in providing a good experience to the kids, your promotion will surely succeed.

Organize competitions

Kids are always excited about competitions and games. Plan a good craft competition to make the kids come up with some creative and cute results. Give them instructions and tips to complete the task nicely. Do not forget to give them the freedom to come up with something new and creative. We are sure that the kids will come up with amazing outcomes that will astonish everyone. You can also use custom highlighters and custom crayons to make the event more interesting and fun.

Explore our online store to find out more interesting promotional products for kids. You will surely get a lot of crafty ideas to execute once you see the entire list of products we have showcased. All of them are CPSIA compliant and thus completely safe.

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