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Glow In The Dark Yo Yos Will Light Up Your Logo And Your Little Patrons Faces

Yo Yo champions practice their craft relentlessly just like successful businesses. Make sure that nothing comes in between your brand and popularity by opting for these glow-in-the-dark Yo-Yos. Imprint your logo and message on these Yo- Yos that light up in dark and make sure that your marketing message stays clear and bright every time.Customized Glow in the Dark Yo Yo Blue

These fun toys appeal to all genres of your customers including kids and kids at heart alike. People will love to spend hours on end perfecting the Yo Yo tricks and every time these delightful toys swirl up and down, your logo will catch the attention of your recipients for sure.

Light weight and easy to distribute YO YOs fare well as tradeshow hand outs, mass mailer gifts and more. No matter how you choose to make use of these unique promotional items, the bottom-line is that everyone will love to reach for them.

Made of high-impact luminescent material for a warm glow, Yo Yos leave behind a positive impression for your brand even when the lights go out. If you have been looking for a budget friendly promotional gift that will never fail to strike a chord with your customers, look no further than these classic toys of glow in the dark yoyos!Personalized Glow In The Dark Yo Yo Assorted Colors

Yo Yos will top the list of the favorite games of Americans. One of the oldest toys ever known to mankind, Yo Yos have evolved and adapted to the changing tastes of its users, which makes it a popular toy and a promotional item even today. Available in a range of bright colors, glow in the dark Yo Yos will not just offer spectacular entertainment to your customers but an illuminative twist to your brand logo.

Custom Yo Yos can be used to promote parties, amusement parks and theme restaurants among others. Glow in the dark Yo Yos make perfect options to promote any family centric businesses as these will keep the kids engaged while their parents get on with their shopping. Yo Yos can be played outdoors, indoors or even on the move and every time your little patrons indulge in this timeless game and pull off some neat tricks, your logo an message will grab the attention of everyone around.

Glow in the dark toys always invoke fun and laughter among the recipients and we bet everyone of you will have a lot to tell about the extended childhood summer nights and the Yo Yo fun you had. Promo4kids has a range of logo glow in the dark Yo Yos . Choose from solid colors like red or blue or Yo Yos in assorted colors and see how these personalized glow-in-the-dark toys make perfect gifts during school fundraisers, promotional events, birthday parties, fancy dress events or summer camps. Made of non-toxic and sturdy casing, these Yo Yos also feature a very strong twine to ensure nonstop fun and tricks for your little patrons!

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